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Route of Écija


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-Church of San juan ( Page 11 )

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Church of San Gil

Saint Giles´ Church was built in 1479, and is located near to Picadero in Écija. In this church have place the Coronation of Thorns, the Christ of Health and Virgin of Pains.

Roman Ruins

This is the first settlement of the city, so Ecija’s first buildings were built in the riding school. That is why this neighborhood is called Picaero.

Palace of Peñaflor

Also known as the "long balconies", is an 18th century Spanish urban palace of Baroque style, located in Écija, in the province of Seville, Andalusia. This palace is restored part of the, the facade and the stables the patio the staircase and part of the upper part the viewpoint and all the portar, year 2018. It can be vicitar every day.

Square of Spain

Plaza of Spain, also called the living room, leisure and meeting place, since it is the center of the village.

Church of Santa Maria

Located next to the most important square of Écija (Spanish Square) also called Living Room. There ares float that inaugurate the Holy Week.


The Amazons were women warriors and hunters who descended from Ares, the god of war and the nymph Harmony.

Church of San Juan

The church of San Juan has a beautiful tower in which you can go up and see Écija from the center of the city, it has a patio in which it was restored, it is the oldest city churches.

Church of Santa Cruz

Church of Santa Cruz, located in the Plaza de Santa Cruz also known as Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Valle. It contains a historical sarcophagus because of its antiquity.