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Gov.: Andy BeshearLt. Gov.: Jacqueline ColemanCampaign website: AndyBeshearExperience: Andy Beshear is the current Kentucky Attorney General and has been in his position since 2015. As Attorney General, he has protected public education and has filed multiple lawsuits against the governor's office in order to uphold both Kentucky's and the United States' Constitutions. He is the son of Kentucky's last Democratic Governor, Steve Beshear who served from 2007-2015. The Jefferson County Teacher's Association has endorsed Beshear due to his long-standing fight for maintaining Kentucky public schools.Platform:Legalize sports betting, casinos, fantasy sports and online pokerLaunch a voting rights unit to protect elections and Kentuckians' right to voteFight opioid manufacturers in courtLegalize marijuanaRepeal the Right-to-Work ActPromote apprenticeships and continue skills training after high schoolRestore voting rights for individuals with felony convictionsLower the cost of attending in-state public universitiesRequire state-wide officeholders to release tax returns each yearProtect promised pension benefits

Gov.: Geoff YoungLt. Gov.: Josh FrenchCampaign website: Young4KYExperience: Retired engineer Geoff Young was one of the first Kentuckians to announce his candidacy for governor in 2019. Young is originally from Massachusetts but moved to Lexington, Kentucky in 1982. For the past 14 years, he has worked in Frankfort, Kentucky for the state's Department for Energy Development and Independence. He has previously been a candidate for Kentucky's Sixth Congressional District and the U.S. House of Representatives in 2016 and 2014 respectively, but lost the primaries in both elections. Young was also a candidate for governor in 2015 but lost to Democrat Jack Conway who then lost to sitting Governor Matt Bevin. Throughout his political career, he's led local chapters of the Sierra Club and the Democratic Socialists of America.Platform:Uplift unionsAbolish the death penaltyWork toward single-payer, Medicare-for-All systemReduce taxes on the impoverished and middle classLegalize marijuanaOverturn laws that undermine Roe v. Wade (1973)Promote energy efficiency and renewable energy resources

Gov.: Rocky AdkinsLt. Gov.: Stephanie HorneCampaign website: RockyForKYExperience: Rocky Adkins represents Kentucky's 99th District in the Kentucky House of Representatives and is the Minority Floor Leader. While in office, he has continued to support public education and better health care for underprivileged Kentuckians. As Minority Leader, he has led initiatives across the state in the tourism and energy sectors that have created hundreds of jobs.Platform:Establish free community collegeLegalize medical marijuanaRestore voting rights to non-violent felons after they have served jail timeExpand polling hoursContinue to grow a state-wide tourism industryStrengthen infrastructure by investing in water systems, creating accessible roads and installing broadband internetProvide access to quality, affordable healthcare

Gov.: Adam EdelenLt. Gov.: Gill HollandCampaign website: AdamEdelenExperience: Adam Edelen is a former state auditor and worked as former Governor Beshear's Chief of Staff. He now works in solar energy entrepreneurship. As state auditor, Edelen led an investigation into fraud and abuse of Kentucky's special taxing districts. In addition, he uncovered a lack of testing of state funded rape kits.Platform:Restore funds for the Kentucky Commission on WomenRevitalize historic neighborhoodsConnect local businesses with national and global investorsEnsure all workers are being paid a living wageCreate a state government office in West LouisvilleUse funds to create community-based addiction treatment centersExpand Kentucky Wildlife Management Areas and public hunting areas

Gov.: William WoodsLt. Gov.: Justin MillerCampaign website: MyKentuckyFirstExperience: William Woods has spent his career as a school bus driver and a real estate agent in Northern Kentucky. In school, he studied business management and has specialized in private security in recent years.Platform:Eliminate wasteful state spendingReap benefits from casino tax revenuesOffer new solutions to solving the pension crisis that does not include raising taxesEnd state-sponsored pharmaceutical companiesSafegaurd Kentucky's public education systems

Gov.: Robert GoforthLt. Gov.: Mike HoganCampaign website: GoforthForKYExperience: Robert Goforth is a small business owner and pharmacist. He has served in the United States Army as a combat engineer and represents Kentucky's 89th District in the Kentucky House of Representatives. In January of this year, he went on the record denying sexual assault allegations.Platform:Fight against encroachments on rights established in the Second AmendmentImplement a balanced approach to criminal justice with a combination of rehabilitation programs and jail timeUphold anti-abortion legislationInsure viability and increase infrastructurePass legislation protecting workers compensationOppose legislation that allows public funds to be funneled into charter or private schoolsFind effective solutions to remedy the state's growing pension crisis

Gov.: Matt BevinLt. Gov.: Ralph AlvaradoCampaign website: MattBevinExperience: Matt Bevin is Kentucky's current Republican Governor. Before being elected in 2015, Bevin invested in local business across several southern states and began helping at his family's bell manufacturing company. He even attempted to challenge long-standing Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell in 2014 but lost after several attack ads from the McConnell campaign. As Kentucky's governor, Bevin has supported limiting immigration, revoking the voting rights of non-violent felons, halting abortion procedures and integration of Bible studies in schools. Bevin has one of the highest disapproval ratings amongst United States governors.Platform:Shrink the size of government and bureaucracy by 10%Disband KYNECT and continue to defend Medicaid1115Ensure lottery funds are directed to the education systemModernize labor lawsRecognize the value of Kentucky coalLower individual and corporate taxes by 17%

For this week's edition of #RETurnoutTuesday, use the following graphic to explore the candidates in the running for the Democratic and Republican nomination for governor. Click on the small bubbles to see a candidate's running mate, their experience and platform. The primary will take place on May 21 from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Click here to find your polling location.

Gov.: Ike LawrenceLt. Gov.: James Anthony RoseCampaign website: ILikeIkeForGovernorExperience: Ike Lawrence is a landlord, neighborhood leader and entrepreneur in the Lexington area. He has served on several revitalization committees and is active in veteran organizations.Platform:Uphold campaign finance limitsRequire a minimum of 51% of scholarships go to Kentucky high school athletesCreate a battery park in Pikeville and an aluminum plant in Greenup CountyPass legislation allowing governor candidates to wait until after the primary to name a Lieutenant GovernorClean lakes and streams with the help of truant teenagers and lower-level prisonersLower the drinking age to 19