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Statement of fact,April Wed 25th, 2019,FAIR TRADE,Special Edition,The different French NGOsof fair trade,PAPER,LPO Paul Mathou,The Aim of fair trade - Against the injustices of international tradeA collective and activist approach, * A model of ethical, and responsible economy. * Framed by strict rules * Contributes to sustainabledevelopmentthrough:,FairTrade/Max HavellarBiocoopTerra EticaEthiquable,N°0120,The world trade has increasingly been creating strong inequalities, thus contributing to destroying our planet and underexploited small producers and paid employees who have been undergoing multiple types of exploitation and violation of human rights.,"3 Advantages,NEWS,+Raw Agricultural Products,.,In big plantationsthe labour legislation is regularly scorned and for lack of union freedom, the workers have rarely the occasion to defend their own rights. ,Gourdan-Polignan