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# EQUAL IN GREECE25th - 31st March 2019,Meeting with the Mayor,A nice walk in the town streets,Visit to Saint Nicholas Park,Olympic Games in the park,Playing games,Tug-of-war,2Km endurance race,Workshop of Master chef: Greek salads preparation,Masterchef: Orange Team,Masterchef: Yellow Team,Restaurant: 4 Epoches,At the airport, while waiting for the plane, we were doing the rehearsals of the songs for the Flash-mob,Entrepreneurship activity,Thessaloniki,We're playing with this funny sculpture,Goodbye dear friends. See you next year in Italy,Meeting with families to inform them about the journey their children were going to take.,Thessaloniki. We spent one day in this nice city while waiting for our Spanish friends.,Nice welcome from children of the Primary School,At the Body Control Dance School for the Flash-mob rehearsals,Getting to know Naoussa,7 themes History and Mythology activity,Olympic Games in the park,Presentation of the posters we have prepared to advertize our salad,Rehearsals for the songs we are going to sing at the Flash-mob,Veria,Lefkadia,School of Aristotele