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I,I Circolo Didattico di Cava de' Tirreni - anno scolastico 2018/2019,The Big Music Book,Arianna Pisapia e gli alunni delle classi quarte del I Circolo Didattico di Cava de' Tirreni,download the text,download the story,weather,The Lion Sleeps Tonight,Index of contents,Singin' in the Rain,Wordwalls,free time,weather,index,All Together Now,Our acrostics,Here we are!,Our digital board,The Lion Sleeps Tonight,download the story,Wordwalls,farm animals,wild animals,download the text,pets,index,free time,free time,weather,weather,weather,weather,Games,Games,index,group assignment,hangman,word grid,Games,freetext input,crossword,crossword,crossword,matching pairs,matching pairs,cloze test,crossword,Games,matching pairs,word grid,group assignment,crossword - colours,index,matching pairs - colours,crucipuzzle - colours,group assignment - imperatives,crossword - numbers,matching pairs - numbers,simple order - numbers,hangman - colours and numbers,matching pairs - imperatives,memory game - imperatives,multiple choice quiz - there is/are,true/false - there is/are,Singin' in the Rain,A Sky Full Of Stars,download the story,colours,download the text,colours,All Together Now,index,colours,numbers,numbers,colours,colours,colours,Wordwalls,numbers,What type of animal is the Disney character Bagheera from The Jungle Book?Can fish close their eyes?Which insect produces honey?How many wings does a butterfly have?Which country do koalas come from?,Are all types of snakes poisonous?What type of animal is very big and has black and white stripes?Can an ostrich fly?What is the name of the big white bear?What type of animal is a Labrador?,Do you like animals?What's your favourite animal?Why?,Have you got a pet?What's its name? How old is it? Do you play with it? Where is it now?,Personal questions,Personal questions,A quiz,A quiz,Personal questions,Do you like being all together?What do you like doing all together?,When you mix black with white you get ...When you mix red with white you get ... When you mix black with red you get ... When you mix blue with yellow you get ...When you mix red and yellow you get ...When you mix red with blue you get ...,The first colour in the rainbow is ...The colour of healthy grass is ...A very dark blue is called ...The colour of fresh snow is ...A very pale shade of brown is called ...,A quiz,A quiz,What's your favourite colour?What's your favourite number?What's your favourite letter of the alphabet?Can you count up to 100?Can you sing?Can you dance?,Personal questions,Games,matching pairs - weather,index,Games,multiple choice quiz - free time activities,hangman - weather,freetext input - weather,matching pairs on images - weather,matching pairs - weather,group assignment - weather,group assignment - free time activities,multiple choice quiz - free time activities,matching pairs - free time activities,word grid - weather,matching pairs on images - free time activities,Personal questions,Do you like singing in the rain?What's the weather like today?Do you prefer sunny or rainy weather?,What are you doing now?Are your parents working now?What are you wearing now?Who is speaking now?Who is wearing a T-shirt?Who is chewing a chewing gum?Are you singing a song?Are you dancing?Are you sleeping?,Personal questions,index,index,index,index,index,Not too hotVery warmFlakes of frozen water falling from cloudsWith thunder and lightningFrozen, hard balls falling from clouds,A quiz,In _________ you can build a snowmanWhen air moves across the EarthWarms up the surface of the EarthA puffy thing that moves across the skyWhen water falls from clouds,A quiz,index,keys,keys,keys,keys,keys,keys,download the text,A Sky Full of Stars,download the story,days of the week,months of the year,Wordwalls,index,opposites,seasons of the year,Games,Games,index,matching pairs - days of the week,matching pairs - opposites,pairing game - months of the year,number line - days of the week,matching pairs on images - opposites,Personal questions,When can you see a sky full of stars?When can you see a sky full of sun?When is your birthday?,What's your favourite day of the week?What's your favourite month of the year?What's your favourite season of the year?What time do you get up in the morning?What time do you go to bed?What do you do in your free time?What do you like doing in summer?,Personal questions,index,Which month is the hottest?Which month is the coldest? Which month does summer begin?Which month does winter begin? Which month does your school begin? Which month does your school end? ,A quiz,When do you celebrate Christmas? (month of the year)When do you wear coat, scarf and hat? (season of the year)When do you wear a swimming costume, flip flops and a beach hat? (season of the year)When do you usually go to the church? (day of the week),index,keys,keys,A quiz,4. What do you do when it's rainy?5. Who likes the rain?6. Are you happywhen it's rainy?,animals - is/are - have/has got - can - plurals - opposites,the English alphabet - numbers - colours - imperatives - can,weather - adjectives - present continuous,opposites - the time - days - months - seasons,Music Quotes,Music Quotes,Music Quotes,Music Quotes,Music Quotes,Music Quotes,Music Quotes,Music Quotes,Music Quotes,Music Quotes,Here we are,Music Quotes,index,index,index,index,index,index,The colours alphabet,index,The colours poem,free time,free time,memory - weather,crossword - free time activities,matching pairs - months of the year,simple order - months of the year,group assignment - seasons of the year,freetext input - seasons of the year,matching pairs - seasons of the year,matching pairs on images - opposites