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Konstanz, 8-13 April 2019 IPSSAR Paolo Borsellino, Palermo

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The homeland of "spaghetti"


Sicilian men always wear flat hats. They are all Mafiosi. They speak only sicilian dialect.

The Venetians are all aristocratics, they are drunkards and they are nobles suitors.

The Romans are lazy and they always eat. They are rough when they speak.

Milanese men and women only think to their carrier and their style.

The Neapolitans are thieves and they eat only pizza.

The Tuscans are proud for having invented the Italian language.

The Sardinians are ignorants. Thery are dumb They are fond of their goats.

The Piedmontese Are false and courteous.

The native of Trent are more germans than Italians.


German people drink a lot of beer. 🍻

German people always eat potatoes .

German people are tall and blond.

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German peopleare cold people.

German people haven’t good fashion style.

German people wear socks with sandals


Austrian people eat a lot of chocolate.

Austria is also called “Vampires’land”.

Austrian people have very white skin.

Austrian people are cold people.

Austrian people are racists and they always complain


Slovenian people smoke a lot of cigarettes.

Slovens is also called “Bears’ land”.

Slovenian people eat a lot of honey.

Slovenian people drink a lot of wine.


Polish peoplelike vodka.

Polish people are tall and they have white skin.

Polish people don’t speak foreign languages very well and they don’t like foreign people.

Poland is the Pope’s homeland.


The Czechs always eat meat and soup.

In Czech Republic summer doesn’t exist.

The Czech are unfriendly.

Czech are cold people.

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By GIUSEPPE TUTONE Ipssar Paolo Borsellino