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Digitally Competent Educational Organisations (2nd Edition),Massive Open Online Course#DigCompOrg,INDEX,7. Digital open badge,6. Enrollment process,8. Schedule,3. Units and contents,1. Type of MOOC,2. Objectives,5. Assesment,4. Kind of assignments,3,Units and contents,InteractionOpportunities for discussions through the Forum and social media (Facebook and Twitter)Dynamization team to encourage participants to achieve the objectives.,Type of MOOC,.. ,A MOOC is a class without borders that can be accessed by anyone anywhere in the world.,2,Objectives,MAIN OBJECTIVES,1. Apply the Digitally Competent Educational Organisations Framework by JRC Seville as a roadmap for the systemic and feasible transformation of your educational organisation.,3. Design a School Digital Plan for planning the digital strategy of the educational organisation.,Type of MOOC,1,4,Assignments,Assignments,4 compulsary activitiesSelf-diagnosis with SELFIE.Improvement actions for the Organisational Dimension.Improvement measures for the Teaching Dimension.Create your School Digital Plan.,.. ,5,Assessment,2. Do the self-diagnosis of the digital competence of your school using the SELFIE tool.,The first three tasks are self-assessment but they are continually monitored by the dynamization team.10% each of them = 30%,.. ,Assessment,School Digital Plan. Peer to peer task = 70%,6,Enrollment process,Register directly from the web.Enrollment starts: 05/04/2019,.. ,Enrollment process,7,Digital Open Badge,A Digital Badge will be granted manually from INTEF within a few days after completing the course. It will be awarded only to those participants who have completed the activity plan with a minimum of 50% in their marks.,Digital Open badge,8,Schedule,Unit 314 May (1 week),End of the MOOC28 May,Introduction16 April (1 week),Unit 123 April (2 weeks),Unit 207 May (1 week),Schedule,Unit 421 May (1 week),THANK YOU,#DigCompOrg,https://www.facebook.com/groups/DigCompOrgENG/,enlinea.intef.es,Each unit starts on Tuesdays,insignias.educacion.es,enlinea.intef.es,You are lucky! Right now!