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eTwinning,Learning Event 2019 « Learn IT smart »,https://learninglab.etwinning.net/85843/home,Expert:Elena Blazevska,Smartphones and tablets are amazing learning tools and enhance the students’ learning experiences. In this LE various applications were presented and ideas on how to use them. A bank of resources was created in a collaborative way to be explored and enriched in the future too. ,“While technology is important, it’s what we do with it that matters” - Muhammad Yunus.,Forum discussion overview,Our Works of Art,Using the suggested apps we created posters, quizzes, word clouds, postcards,Safer Internet Day,Democratic Participation,Our album of postcards Cultural heritage,Our album of postcards Cultural heritage,Photo & Poster ,Designcap,Google Lens ,Pizap,Picture Art ,Text on a photo ,BeFunky ,Fotor ,Shape Art ,PhotoVisi ,PhotoFancy ,Van Gogh yourself ,Glogster,Adobe Spark ,Poster My Wall ,Google Lens ,Tiny Planet ,Collage Maker ,Video ,Quik,VivaVideo,PowerDirector ,Vimeo ,Scoompa,PowerDirector ,Movie Editor ,FilmoraGo ,Photo video maker ,Funimate,EdPuzzle ,Animoto ,Kizoa ,Quizlet,Quiz and Survey ,Plickers ,Google Forms ,Poll Everywhere ,Survey Monkey ,Tricider ,DotStorming ,Quizizz ,Kahoot ,WordWall,Socrative ,Answer Garden ,Word cloud ,Word Cloud ,Word art ,Google Docs ,Quip,Pad ,Padlet ,ABCya,Tagxedo ,Sutori,Mentimeter,Collaborative writing ,Word salad ,Lino ,Meetingwords ,GoNoodle,Other apps ,MIT app inventor ,QR code reader ,Qiver,QR Code Generator ,Solar System ,Our bank of resources ,Our collection of apps,Poster Maker ,PicsArt,FlipGrid,Adobe Spark ,Biteable,Quiznetic,Timetoast ,StoryMap ,Coggle.it,Screencastomatic ,Toondoo ,Mindmeister ,LearningApps,We are...,We explored varus mobile apps and ideas for different educational activities. We discussed + we played a quiz,INPIRE & BE INPIRED,Farewell lesson Tools: WordCloud, Poster Maker, FlipGridActivity: Students create a word cloud and discuss about summer holidays, create posters in groups and a video presenting a farewell speech. Vilija Rakstiene,HealthTool: PiscArt/Canvas/Collage maker, Plickers, Activity: students create a word cloud about health and illness, then posters in groups and a drama. A short quiz about health. Erdinç DOĞAN ,Foreign languages,FoodTools: Photo camera, PiscArt, Word cloudActivity: Students take photos of different food items, use PiscArt to write the name of the food, put a smiley if they like or not, discuss whether it's healthy/ unhealthy and create word clouds. Frosina Acevska,Our petsTools: PicsArt, Postermywall, LearningApps Activity: Students use PicsArt to present a pet, and create a collage of photos. Each pair or group add a question about one of the pets to add to the game "The millionaire" - LearningApps and play the game. Monica Frigerio,My familyTool: Photo camera and Word CloudActivity: Students take photos of their family members and make collages in groups. Each student introduce their family members and others guess who this family member is in the collages. Aslı Çelik,My SchoolTool: Genially, Canva, Kahoot, Paddlet, Activity: (pre-activity) Students create posters using Canva and movie describing their school with Viméo. They use Padlet to collect their work and present it. Kahoot quiz. Aicha Ben Slimen,Foreign languages,Animals around usTools: Camera, BeFunky, Word cloud, CanvaActivity: Students take photos of animals, edit the photos with BeFunky, prepare presentation about animals' characteristics and a word cloud about protecting animals. Nurten Karakış,My townTool: Collage maker, Kahoot, MentimeterActivity: In groups students create posters/ postcards “My town”, using photos of their home town and write the places in town, present then and take a short quiz. Homework: Each group writes a short text about their town, using a collaborative writing tool. Milena Cvetkova,Logo projectTool: CanvaActivity: pupils design logo related with the eTwinning project using Canva. They collect pictures related with topic combine them to complete logo. The most beautiful 3 logos will be chosen and uploaded on Twinspace. Ahmet Korkut AYTEMİR,Projects,SIDTool: GoAnimateActivity: Students make a Public Spot - video for Safer Internet Day giving ideas and tips how to use internet safely. Ebru Çeliker,Let's make a cookbookTools: Padlet, FlipGrid, MadmagzActivities: Students film videos with stories of older people who knows some old recipes of a traditional dishes and cakes. They use Padlet to explain the process of preparing dishes and cakes. They choose recipes to prepare. take photos and translate it. Then create a cookbook in Madmagz. Marinela,Tool: ebook makerActivity: Students make a booklet about geographically landmarks, they find pictures, write short texts, and record their voices reading the text so it can be read or listened to. Ayten Kyazimova,Geography, Hystory,Tools: Canvas / Kahoot Activity: In groups students search images of cultural elements of one region in the country (gastronomy, houses, costumes, dances,). Create an album in Canvas and present the cultural diversity of their region. They make a short quiz in Kahoot. Sara Amâncio,Tools: PlickersActivity: In groups students create posters with history-cultural elements of a region and present it.They write questions and the teacher make a short evaluation form using Plickers. Aurora Hîrtie,Tools: Canva / PlickersActivity: Students designs city paintings in Canva. They write the prominent features of the region behind these designs, give clues to other students by reading the texts behind the picture to guess the name of the city. Evaluation with Plickers. Abdullah DOĞDU ,EnvironmentTool: Cospaces EduActivity: Students learn the artificial and natural environment, makes pictures about natural and artificial environment and create virtual exhibition with Cospaces edu. Nevzat Özdemir,Germination of a seedTool: Photo camera, Collage Maker/ Photoarts, Padlet/Adobe Spark/Canva Activities: Students, in groups, put a seed (bean) inside a bottle on a wet cotton, they observe the germination of the seed, taking photographs of the changes that occurred in the different stages. They use Collage Maker to edit the photos and present the work. Each group choose an app to explain what they observed. Vânia Andrade,Biology, science,Collection of plants Tool: PhotoArt, PadletActivities: Students take pictures of flowers, classify them using a book or internet to determine names of flowers. For homework students name the flowers on their pictures (family, botanical names) using photo editor tools. All pictures are uploaded to a common Padlet -collection of spring flowers. Monika Schwarze,Lighting tools from past to presentTools: Word Art, speakpic, video editorActivities: In groups students choose one of the lighting tools used from past to present, find pictures of these tools and research about vehicles. Speakpic will show the images of these tools with the tool to talk then create a common video, create word clouds. İlknur Şahinaslan ,Tool: Mentimeter, Emaze, LearningApps, DesigncapActivity: Students learn about Universal decimal classification in school libraries; brainstorm using Mentimeter, research about UDC online and in the school library, make presentations in groups with Emaze about UDC origins, use, changes...Create tasks in Learning apps for other groups. Homework - posters about UDC in Designcap. Josip Strija,Tool: https://pixlr.com/Activities: Students learn how to use pixlr and create an image related to Astronomy. All tasks are available here:- https://padlet.com/miguela/pixlr. They explore things like cropping, change eyes colour, manipulate images, work with layers, gradients, brush tool. They create Night sky or Nebula and share it. Miguela Fernandes ,Informatics,School bullyingTool: Wordcloud, FlipGridActivities: Brainstorming, students create a word cloud about bullying.In groups they create posters “Phisical bullyingl”, “Cyber bullying”, “Psychological bullying” “Social bulliying” and present them. Svetlana,Hardware partsTools:PicsArt, Linoit,Kahoot!In groups students make an illustration (in PicsArt) and questions (in Lino.it) about different parts of hardware, present their work and create, play Kahoot. Marina Nikolic,Using tech on Math classTool: https://www.mathsisfun.com/https://www.geogebra.org/?lang=enActivities: Students create word cloud and discuss on solving math situations and exercises. In groups decide how to solve the problems, one group using Geogebra, second using Mathisfun, other using traditional pen-and-book, they share and present the results.Bonus activity or homework: Creating/solving the problems by using math online tools Irma Hoxha,CylinderTool: Photo camera, PiscArt, GeoGebra, KahootActivities: in groups students take pictures of objects in real life in shape of cylinder, make collage, create an animation of rotation of rectangle using GeoGebra and a quiz with questions about area and perimeter of circle and rectangle. Marija Kuzeljevic,Maths,CubeTool: Photo camera, PiscArt, Voki, KahootActivities: In groups students take photos of cube shaped objects and make collages, discuss the characteristics, write questions about the square and triangle for other students. Hüsniye Genç,Tool: GoNoodle, Kahoot, Bubbl.usActivities: Gonoodle (brain bym) exercise to stimulate our brain for studding. In groups pupils are solving tasks (fractions, equation system with two unknowns).Kahoot quiz. Homework a mind map about the topic in Bubbl.us. Ivana Zrinščak,The History of refrigerator- Cooling FacilitiesTool: Prezi, Wordcloud, Kahoot, Timetoast.Activity: students create a word cloud and discuss about refrigerator systems, watch a presentation on the history of refrigerator, create a timeline using Timetoast and present them. Create quizzes. Anastasios Rizos,Diverse,Storytelling of local myths and legendsTool: PadletActivity: Students find local myths and legends and write them in common Padlet. Reading and discussing the stories. Mirjana Maneva-Arsovska,Professions - Social studiesTools: word cloud, canva, pisc art ...Students introduce the profession of their dreams, use word cloud, describe themselves and introduce the professions, create and present a poster that promotes their dreams in Canva. Suzan Topal,Nutrients- Food TechnologyTool: Screencast o' Matic, Canva, Wordcloud, Kahoot, Topgrade Quiz Maker, BeFunky.Students create word cloud and discuss about nutrients and health, create presentations in groups on each nutrient using Screencast o' Matic and present them. Kahoot quiz. Homework: to make an infographic on nutrients and health. Aspasia Mylona,Presentations ,Sway ,Wooclap,Canva,Genially,Smore,Google Slides ,Prezi,Mind Map , e-book & publications ,WordWall,Joomag,Issuu,Calameo,Our boox,Story jumper,Book creator ,Online classroom ,Class Dojo ,Edmodo ,Google Classroom,Easyclass ,The queue ,PrehistoryTools: WordCloud; PhotoCamera; PicsArt; StoryMap; Kahoot Activities: In groups students creates a WordCloud - What an archaeologist needs to study Prehistory?, use PiscArt to illustrate archaeologist tools. Using StoryMap, show places where Dinosaurs fossils, f.e., were found, create a Kahoot quiz. Eleonora Augugliaro,Walking aroundTool: PicsArt, WordCloud, Prezi, BookCreator, Kahoot.Activity: Students, take pictures of public places, add the name of the buildings with PicsArt, use Wordcloud to create a cover for an ebook, create a Prezi to animate on a map all the public places with their pics, and use Book Creator to describe each pic talking about it text or recording). Kahoot about their hometown. Lara Palmirotta,Our SchoolTool: Canva, PiscArt/Word cloud, Mentimeter, Padlet, Activity : (pre-activity) Students use Piscart to create postcards and use viméo to create a movie to describe the school. They collect postcards and videos in Padlet. Mentimeter quiz. Simionovici Vasilica,Tools: Answer garden, Wondershare Filmora, PreziActivities: Student vote, using Answer garden, on the topic they wish to tackle. Each class chooses its own topic and create short videos using Wondershare Filmora. All the videos are included in a Prezi presentation to be shown to other classes. Ivona Jerković,Foreign languages,AnimalsTools:Photo camera,PiscArt, Collage Maker, Word cloudActivities: Student take photos of animals and use PiscArt. One group describe domestic animals and the other wild animals. They can also make posters using Collage Maker. Aytakin Sharifova,FeelingsTools: Pic Collage, Kahoot, Activities: Students think of an image about different emotions In groups chose a feeling, describe it without telling which one it is and their peers guess and match the description with the picture. They use Pic Collage illustrating each feeling and create a Kahoot game. Teresa Russo,Public BuildingsTool: animatron,wordcloud,canvaActivities: introducing public buildings names with animation. Students prepare an imaginary town with the buildings, wordcloud, and a poster using photos from their own town buildings. Nurcan Uysal,Monuments across EuropeTool: Tridicer /PicsArt / Padlet / KahootActivity: Students choose 3 monuments and post them in Tridicer (picture &description), comment and vote. Research about most voted monuments and create a poster, using PicsArt, present them and share in Padlet. Write questions and take Kahoot quiz. Jose Teixeira,Daily routinesTools: Cram, PiscArt-Collage, MentimeterActivities: Students (in pairs) match the verbs of Daily routines in Cram. They use PiscArt to describe their Daily routine and share photos with friends. Rukiye Cabalar ,Environmental Education - SeasonsTools: QR codeActivity: In groups students explore Four Seasons using QR codes. Every group get one QR code, scan it and discover the characteristics of the seasons. The images should help them to remember as many words as they can describe a seasons. Discussion within their group about every season, present their work. Olga Milicevic,My schoolTool :Canva, Genially,word cloud,kahoot or quizizzActivities: Students brainstorm about "Why don't we keep in touch", create posters, presentation about their school and environment, prepare a quiz. Each school take the quiz and discuss the results in an online meeting. Aydan Akın,A tour in my countryTool: PicsArt, Word Cloud, KahootActivities: in groups search information about physical territory, climate, cultural elements ( gastronomy, houses, typical costumes, attractions ... ), make postcards, present them, create Kahoot quiz. Valentina Daperno,Geography, Hystory,Tools: Canva / Collage Maker / Plickers / Google DocsActivities: In groups research regions, make presentations using Canva, present their projects, make postcards with regional landmarks with Collage Maker. Plickers quiz.Homework: Each group makes the most important notes on its researched region, using cooperative writing tools. Edita Rizvan,Natural SciencesTool: Photo camera, Book creator, StorymapPre-activity: students take pictures of rocks usages (monuments, buildings, ...)Activities: With all the pictures taken we will create a Storymap, showing how the rocks are used. As it is a part of an eTwinning project all of the Storymaps and other activities will be collected on an ebook. Maria Goreti Alves,Representative personalities and monuments Tool: Word Cloud, Collage maker, PicsArt, Post Card (Canva)Activities: Brainstorming, students create a word cloud and discuss about the personalities who lived or who have done important things and another word cloud about important buildings - art monuments.In two groups, they search for images and information and create posters "Personalities in the History of Iasi", "Buildings - Art Monuments of Iasi". Discussing the results. Nicoleta Gavrila,Healthy foodTool: Google Doc, PowerPoint, LearningApps, Kahoot, DesigncapDiscussion: What sort of vitamins and minerals can be found in different items of food?Ss in groups create healthy menus for a day including different groups of vitamins and minerals in it, present their work, play Kahoot quiz and get homework after scanning presented QR code. Stefan Mruk,Figures of speechTool: Kahoot Activity: QCM quiz to verify the ability to identify the correct answers. (figures), discussing answers. Sami Jrad,Charity Tools: camera, storyjumper, beFunkyActivities: students take photos that symbolize charity, edit photos and prepare a presentation and an affiliate. Alma Đedović ,School departmentsTools: Photo Camera, word cloud, canva, Pics ArtActivities: Students in groups photographs and introduces different parts of the school, make collages with Pics Art and a posters with Canva, group presentation. Nebiye ÖZER,Diverse,English language (literature) R.L. Stevenson – The Strange Case of Dr Jekill and Mr HydeTools: Kahoot, Book CreatorIn groups students read the plot of the novel, exercises of comprehension, Kahoot quiz about Stevenson, style, novel. Discussion about good and evil and the Victorian Age. As final project in team, create a book about Stevenson’s novel under the point of view of Mr Hyde. Caterina Minasso,I look out the window. What do I see? Tool: Mobile phone, Spark post, DriveChildren photograph from the window of the house, put the photos in drive. At school in the groups describe the photos (problems solving, competences key EU, design) and use Spark post. Claudia Murelli,Team building, event organization Tools: Padlet, Tricider, MentimeterActivity: students write ideas in Tricider, comment, vote. Present them, discuss. Possible activities are presented in Padlet, and developed together. Kristina Biliutavičienė,Stages of making breadActivities: Creating video showing the stages of bread making. Hand Notepad using dough and forming bread types in the range of groups. Kahoot quiz. Jazia Abidi ,Plants diversityTool- Photo camera, PlantSnap, Padlet/Linoit, Doodle, CanvaActivities- in groups, students take pictures of plants in school and make classification with PlantSnap app.They create postcards with Canva and choose the most beautiful photos using doodle.com. Rute Sobral ,Snack Trackers – healthy eating scenariosTools: worldcloud, filmora , mindmeister . Brainstorming with Worldcloud about healthy and harmful snacks at school. Share pictures of their favorite meal in Padlet . Tricider discussion, infographic illustrating the topic. Video with advices about snacks. Alina Popa,Foreign languages,,Discover my world.Tools: padlet - FilmoraGo.It is an activity of presentation and practice of the written and oral language: Students will take or look for photos of their favorite passions (pastimes) and share in padlet. In groups: students who share the same passion create a common video using the Filmorago. Najoua Slatnia,ColorsTool: PiscArt, KahootActivity: Students learn about colors in French, taking photos of items with different color and use PicsArt to prepare a memory or matching game and play Kahoot. Aneta Gjurovska-Arsovska,,The peaceful fightTopics: 1- Current conflicts in the world. 2- The pacifist movements.Tools: padlet, genial.ly, powtoon, Word Cloud, Kahoot, slides in google drive, vimeo.Pre-activity: In groups students research on the presented topics. Activities: students write expressions related to the word "Peace" / Mentimiter/ Word Cloud. They create presentations and posters promoting peace a video or a report: conflicts and the importance of peace / a questionnaire to check students' assimilation / google.com / forms – kahoot. Sarra Stiti,,Learning vocabularyTools: Answergarden, QuizletActivities: Students brainstorm all possible vocabulary for one topic (ex.Environment) and post the words on Answergarden. If they don't know it in English, they write in native language. All the words that they don't know yet will stand out and the students put them in Quizlet set with translations and start working drilling the vocabulary. After some practice, Teacher invites them to play Quizlet live. After this activity they know the words and are ready for other activities :) Indre Benikiene,DemocracyTool - camera, padlet / Linoit, CanvaIn groups, students photograph a workshop for democracy in school. Images and texts are placed in Lino.it. Wors clouds with texts for democracy and poster in Canva. Daniela Panajotova,Jobs- Communication / Personal developmentTools: Pisc Art, Word Cloud, Photoshop Express - collageActivities: Students in groups select photos with jobs, use Pics Art and write the name, present them, create a Word Cloud with words related to each profession. Create collage using Photoshop Express. Homework: What do I want to be when I grow up? With Pics Art. Socea Magelona,Tool: Photo camera, Collage Maker Pic GridActivities: Students take photos of their neighborhood, their relatives, animals, make collage that can be used for introducing the vocabulary of relations, speaking and listening skills, match the description with the picture. Canan Ördekçi,Diverse,Famous writersTools: computer, kahoot, webquestActivities: Student's red a book of a portuguese writer (Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen) "The knight from Danemark". Then we used Kahoot to see if they understood the story. Afterwards they worked in a webquest choosing one of the jobs (investigator, painter, writer, playwriter, historian...) to find more about the writer of the book and finally we put up an exhibition about Sophia. Maria Jacinto,In my townTool: Google maps, PicsArtActivities: Students find information about the history of monuments, landmarks in their hometown, take photos, find it on Google maps and point with the tools and present it with PicsArt. Discussing the results. Sanja Nikolic,Foreign languages,,Our SchoolTools: Word Cloud, Pics Art, Canva, MentimeterUsing Mentimeter, students find the words in English and take quiz, sum up with Word Cloud. 3. Take photos at school and work on the photos with Pics Art, create posters with the photos 6. Recap the vocabulary, using Mentimeter. Helena Bernardo,,Getting to Know our Past Tools: Mindomo, Quizlet, PicsArt, Collage Maker, Explain EverythingActivities: Students fill in a mind map (Thessaloniki) created using Mindomo, matching exercise with landmarks and places (in Quizlet), take pictures and shoot videos, make collage, prepare a presentation about our trip using Explain Everything. Anastasia Polychroniadou,Writing a poemTools: mentimeter, storybird, open office, padletActivities: write a poem about spring. Collect ideas, vocabulary (mentimeter), inspiration with art work (storybird), write poems (open office), publishing in padlet and giving constructive feedback on their classmates' work. Maiken,Tool: FlipGrid, plickersActivities: Pupils practice life experiences with Present Perfect, make a video with FlipGrid telling their examples. Plickers quiz. Lola Tena,Future jobsTools: Coogle, Pics Art, word cloud, padlet, Students brainstorm in Word Cloud and create a Mind map in coogle App , work on different areas, of creating future jobs, use Pics app to introduce, describe themselves and their future job in Padlet. Jasminka Kostadinovska,My beautiful cityTools: wordclous, canva, PicsArtStudent create a wordcloud with the stereotypes people have about their city, a brochure in canva with the best spots in their city, and photos with PicsArt from the class with each time a caption to explain the nice thing in this spot of their city, or why they like it. Kalima Bassey ,Build My Website With minimal effort and a bit of creativity easily integrate technology into any lesson plan. ‘18th Century Soldier and Revolution‘ (resource guides, food reviews, military fashion, Horses in Battle etc…) or ‘Constitution Corner’ (political candidates, issues, formation of the government) or ‘18th Century Science’. Ludmila Tsybalova,The components of a computerTool: Genially,PicsArt,Word cloud, Kahoot, Padlet, Students use Word cloud to create definition of a computer, picsArt, Prezi to make video, Genially, to create presentation, Padlet to collect the works and Kahoot to create quiz. Amri Mabrouka,RecyclingToolbox: material and web 2Activities: students go to the landfill shoots according to the years of recycling materials.Creates documentary with web 2 tools. Tuba GÜLER,Our Classroom RulesTool: Word Cloud, PadletActivities: Brainstorming and using word cloud, writing the rules on Padlet together. Öznur KULACA,SID 2019 Tools: poster my wall, quizziz , tricider, dotstorming, padlet Students prepare a poster for the event using postermywall, all the poster shared in a dotstorming . a quiz : about rules to stay safe online to finish to get a certificate. a short video in this link : https://youtu.be/__CGgj9Y2oUvia a tricider, students give their ideas and comment about that story than to argue it and to vote for the meaningful comments and ideas .The work is placed in a padlet. Chemingui Firas,Biology, science