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3,GCFS Team,©ontexts4Content,2,TACK DANKE GRAZIE KÖSZÖNÖM ΣΑΣ ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΟΥΜΕ KIITOS БЛАГОДАРЯ ВИ MERCI ĎAKUJEM GRACIAS OBRIGADO BEDANKT Multumesc DĚKUJEME ,Demostration,Integration,Dissemination Strategies,1,5,Swedish Educational System,TACK,2,3,4,3,SWEDISH EDUCATIONALSYSTEM,©ontexts4Content,INDEX,,DISSEMINATION STRATEGIES, by GCFS Team 24th-30th March 2019,Presentation,1,+info,2,4,1,,GCFS Team,School,Structured Educational Visit & TrainingSeminars in Sweden,Sabrina HoelscherMonica FalgerCéline BrémondTomáš HoskovecUrsula KütheAna Maria NietoOlga Buj,,Mobile box,©ontexts4ContentSchool-Democracy-Freedom,Democracy,- Digitalization control: cromebooks,Macbooks, mobiles in the classroom, reflexion and responsibility.,- Bringing the community together: preventing bullying, helping hand and mediators among pupils.,- Public and private/independent schools.,- Refugees & immigrants have some special programs: educational guidance & education in their native language.,1. Discussion & Debates with peers about digitalization, Swedish culture, etc. ,- School is compulsory: Home Schooling is against the law.,- Flipped classroom, team work project, but they still have standarized tests.,2. Popular Swedish literature adapted to the screen in EFL classes, for example: Malin Persson (teens & adults), Astrid Lindgren "Pippi Långstrump" (children).,3. Swedish reflection: trivial quiz.,4. Creative work about famous shipwrecks: Titanic versus Vasa.,3,2,GCFS Team,¡TACK!,1,4