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based on an idea by Jasmin Mani Melchior

3 Seconds


1. What do you think are the greatest achievements of humanity?2. What do you think are the worst things humanity has done?3. What do you think humanity needs to do to make the world a better place?4. What are 5 or 6 adjectives to describe humanity?

Lead in: Discuss the following


Teacher NotesLet students discuss these questions in pairs or groups and then share their ideas with the class.

Spoken word artist Prince Ea is going to talk about humanity and Earth. What do you think he will say?


Teacher NotesThis is a pre-viewing prediction activity. Let students discuss the question and compare ideas. Then tell them to watch the video and check their predictions. The language is challenging and fast, the important thing in this viewing is getting the gist, not understanding everything. Play the video in full screen.

Watch the video again. When it pauses, type an answer to the questions.


Teacher NotesThis is a listening for detail activity using a quiz created onvizia.co The video will stop periodically, and a question will appear. Let a member of the class type in the right answer.The correct answers are:1. 4.5 billion years old2. 3 seconds3. False4. Sad and angry5. False, it is a symptom of Us and our problems6. True.7. True8. A charity to protect trees9. An open question, students express their opinions.


What is something you worry about in the world today?Is there anything you do about this?Have you ever...?Do you....?





Teacher NotesIn this activity they copy the template on the slide and design a questionaire to find out what the class do to help solve the issues facing the world. They work alone or in pairs to finish the questionnaire using the prompt on this slide. Then ask them to stand up and mingle asking each other the questions, filling in the answers of at least three people they interview.


How important is it for artists like Prince Ea to do work like this?What issues are there where you live that you feel strongly about?Do you know of any international days that focus on global issues? What happens on these days?

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