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Niagara Falls

A wonderful natural border

The Niagara Falls are a group of waterfalls located on the Niagara River, in the north-east of North America, on the border between the US and Canada. Located about 236 meters above sea level, its fall is approximately 57 meters.The course of the falls is another stage in the evolution of water that feeds Lake Superior. From there, the water travels through the Huron and Eerie lakes that are channeled into the Niagara River, rushing down the falls and to Lake Ontario, to later reach the sea through the St Lawrence River. This water system accounts for 1/5 of all the fresh water in the world.

Since the falls were discovered by European settlers, they've become well known for their beauty, as a source of energy and a challenging environmental conservation project. The cities of Niagara Falls (New York) and Niagara Falls (Ontario) generate tourism on both sides of the border.The name "Niagara" is from an Iroquois word meaning "the strait". The original inhabitants of the region were the Niagagarega, an Iroquois tribe called the neutrals by the French conquerors, who found in them help as mediators of disputes with other tribes.

Niagara Falls comprises three waterfalls: the "Canadian Falls" (Ontario), the "American Falls" (New York) and the smaller "Bridal Veil Falls". Although they are not particularly tall, they are very wide and are the most voluminous in North America, because they pass through all the water of the Great Lakes. Between the Canadian and the American falls is a small island called Goat Island.

The chances of dying when going over the falls are high, although some people have lived to tell the tale. In 1901, the sexagenarian Annie Edison went over the falls in a wooden barrel and survived, gaining a certain fame at the time. Since then, many people have tried to replicate this risky feat, often resulting in death.