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What do the students want?,,Here are the students' demands. Can you match them to the definition?,Task:,A. Something very wrong with the climateB. the most important thingC. a big problem in the ecosystemD. how old you have to be to voteE. something is important to you.F. What children study at school,sustainableEnglish,1. priority2. national curriculum3. climate emergency4. ecological crisis5. voting age6. to have the biggest stake in something,Language work,INFO,Asking for what you want in English,Demanding something,Who are the people?How do they feel?What are they doing? What do you think the students want to achieve?,Want to know more?,You are going to make your own demands. Make a list of things you feel strongly about.,Look at this picture,Lesson Plan,INFO,INFO,INFO,INFO,What do you think?:,Do you agree with what the students are doing?Is there anything you would go on strike for?From what age should students be able to vote?Some people say the students should stay in school and study so they can deal with this problem when they are older. What's your view?,Worksheet