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Sir Matt Busby managed Manchester United for 25 years and won 13 major trophies.When the Munich disaster hit Manchester United, he stood his ground and helped rebuild the team after 8 of his first-team players tragically died.His determination to get the club back on his feet and to make sure his remaining players don't feel a sense of defeat is one of the reasons why the club is still so successful.

Sir Matt Busby; Manutd

Arsene Wenger; Arsenal

The Frenchman who managed Monaco in France and Nagoya in Japan came to Arsenal when the club wasn't doing so well.He had his own ideas and revolutionised the way players played for Arsenal and created a sense of discipline and trust in the players.After 22 years, Wenger is one of the most successful managers in English history—his teams have won three league titles and seven FA Cups.

Zinedine Zidane; Real Madrid

A successful Real Madrid player himself, Zinedine Zidane understands Real Madrid better than anyone.At Real, he created history when he first came in and together, the club and the manager along with the players have grown and developed immensely.Zidane gave chances to players who would be benched otherwise and that made all the difference. Zidane's tactical philosophy, particularly his tactical flexibility, has been his greatest strength.

Often regarded as the best Liverpool manager, Shankly had the status of a divine being amongst players and supporters.With Liverpool, Shankly won 3 league titles, 2 FA cups and 1 UEFA Cup.Bill Shankly, in simple terms, was obsessed with Liverpool and most importantly with football.He lived and breathed football and that showed in the way he managed his players. Years after his departure, fans still are waiting for a manager that can match his calibre.

Bill Shankly; Liverpool

Sir Alex Ferguson; Manutd

Easily the most successful manager in English football and perhaps in the world, Sir Alex Ferguson changed the way footballers were managed on and off the pitch.He was their friend, their mentor and their boss all at the same time. His famous 'hairdryer' treatment was the one players dreaded but it also helped them play better.He managed United for 26 years and it is perhaps safe to say that a replacement is yet to be found.