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5,1,2,3,4,4,3,1,+ info,2,5,4,2,1,1 What does it mean?,Say what the picture stands for. Use a modal verb or an imperative form.,1,What can you do to stop bullying in school? You have 1 minute to say sentences using modal verbs or imperatives.,3,4,4Bullying,3,5,+ info,+ info,3,1,4,5,Say convincing reasons for (not) eating and/or drinking in class. Use modal verbs and give the reason why.Example: You can't eat in class because ...,3,5,+ info,What do you think about homework?Do you think they are important? Use modal verbs in your explanation.,2,2,5Eat and drink in class,3 Mobile phones,5,3,2,1,5,1,4,4,2,2 Doing Homework,+ info,3,6,Role playInvent a conversation in which a teacher and a student are talking about this situation. Use modal verbs if you want to get extra points..,+ info,2,1,4,6Don't be late,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,By using the imperative form, tell things you can or can't do with a mobile phone in the school.,3,7,This time, let another team in the class use your turn. If they play well, you double the points. Thanks!.,+ info,2,1,4,7Behave and be polite,5,3,8,Listen carefully and follow the other team's instructions. If you do it correctly, you will get extra points or ... Go ahead!.,+ info,2,1,5,4,8Listen carefully,3,9,+ info,Raise your hand and get points. It's time for you to be quick and intelligent!.,2,5,1,9Raise your hand,4,3,10,+ info,Don't break the rules or you will be punished. Do you dare to take risks? It's up to you!.,2,1,5,10Don't break the rules,4,3,+ info,11,2,This is an important rule. You don't have to forget to be polite and ... get points!.,1,11Always say please,5,4,3,+ info,12,2,1,It is important to keep your classroom clean. So, we needyour help. Are you ready for the action?.,5,12Keep the classroom clean,4,3,+ info,13,2,13Tell the truth,1,Be honest! Wealways say the truth, we never lie..,5,4,+ info,14,3,2,14Respect the teacher,5,4,Pay attention to what the teachersays and respect his/her decisions. Be a good girl/boy!.,1,+ info,15,3,2,15Berespectful,1,This is the most important thing. If you are respectful of everything and respectful to everybody, you will be a good citizen!.,4,5