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The drawing and text are sometimes called the Canon of Proportions or, less often, Proportions of Man. It is kept in the Gabinetto dei disegni e stampe of the Gallerie dell'Accademia, in Venice, Italy.

Through different anatomical studies (looked down upon in his time), Leonardo Da Vinci learned about the human body's proportions and composition several centuries before the revolution in medicine.

- He was ambidextrous, and some think he wrote with one hand while painting with the other.- He was a pioneer and expert in a large number of subjects: Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Writing, Medicine, Physics and even War Technology.- Historians believe that Leonardo Da Vinci was gay like many other important Florentine artists (including Michelangelo, Donatello, Sandro Botticelli, and Benvenuto Cellini).

Most of Leonardo da Vinci's ideas and inventions were some 500 years ahead of his time. Even today, some people think that he could see into the future.