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Coco Chanel,@flipped_primary,She was a French woman who was raised in an orphanage and taught to sew. She became a famous clothes designer because of some models such as her little black dresses or suits. Her style was copied by many other women.,Rosa Parks,@flipped_primary,White and black people had separated places in buses in her country. She refused to change her place so a white man could sit down in her bus. She started the movement for the civil rights in the US.,Frida Kahlo,@flipped_primary,When she was young, she had a bus accident that made her stay in bed for a long time. As she loved painting, she began to paint herself (portraits) by using a mirror.,Nina Simone,She was the creator of one of the feminist anthems (fighting for equal rights).She fought for the civil rights of african-american women.,@flipped_primary,@flipped_primary,Marie Curie,In that time, women could not go to university, but she managed to study science. She made a very important discovery in this field. She won the nobel prize for Science.,Elena García Armada,Elena García Armada is an engineer who has developed the first bionic exoskeletonfor kids that suffer from spinal muscular atrophy. She can help 17 million children in the world.,@flipped_primary,in history,Frida Kahlo,Elena García Armada,Women,Nina Simone,Malala Yousafzai,Rosa Parks,Katherine Switzer,Teresa de Calcuta,Edith Cowan,@flipped_primary,Valentina Tereshkova,Coco Chanel,@flipped_primary,Edith Cowan,Marie Curie,Emilia Pardo Bazán,Katherine Switzer,Valentina Tereshkova,She was a religious woman who dedicated her life to take care of sick and poor people from her city. She founded a congregation in order to help basicaly poor people, sick people and homeless people.,She was a noble woman who spoke about the differences in education from boys and girls. She was a writer and she explained her feminist ideas in her books.,She was the first woman who was elected in the Australian Parliament.She fought for the woman's right to vote.,Teresa de Calcuta,Malala Yousafzai,She was the first woman to run a complete marathon in a time where woman were not allowed to run. She had to use her initials K.V. Switzer so nobody could discover that she was a woman.,@flipped_primary,At the age of 26 this Russian woman became the first woman to travel into space. He became a symbol for gender equality.,@flipped_primary,@flipped_primary,@flipped_primary,She was the first girl in Pakistan to raise her voice and say that girls' education was very important. For that reason, somebody shot her in her head while he was travelling in a bus."One teacher, one child, one book and one pen can change the world".,Emilia Pardo Bazán,@flipped_primary,More materialshere,@flipped_primary,@flipped_primary,bit.ly/tarjetas8marzo