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PHOTOS FROM ELCHE. Orihuela. Mapa. Equipo. Cronología. INDEX. ORIHUELACARTAGENAMURCIAELCHEALICANTE. Versus. ALICANTE. PHOTOS FROM ALICANTE. GROUP 5- VELÁZQUEZ. OUR EXPERIENCE IN SPAIN. National Prides In a European Context. We visited many beautiful places in this city.One of them was the beach.We also had a walk on the promenade and we had lunch in a restaurant near it. Besides, we went to the Europe Direct Office.After that, we went for a walk so we could enjoy then views: the sea, the beach, the Saint Barbara´s castle.Then, we went to the beach and we took some photos together.In the end, we had a really good day in Alicante.. EVERYBODY. Réka and María. The organ of the cathedral.. PHOTOS FROM ELCHE. Cartagena. This is one of the photos Rolands took while we were in Cartagena. We visited the city of Orihuela. It has been the city that has hosted our Erasmus colleagues. It has a great natural and cultural heritage. We had a fantastic day with the good westher of Orihuela. We went to the diocesan school Santo Domingo.. Santo domingo. Cathedral of Orihuela. Diocesan Art Museum. Miguel Hernández one of the greatest poets. Photos from oRihuela. MURCIA. It is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula on the banks of the Segura River. Casino of Murcia. Cathedral of Murcia. Built in 1467, the tower is 93 meters high and is in the center of Murcia. 447 182 hab.881.86 km². Our group at the Palmeral of Elche.. ELCHE. +info. We had a great day in Elche!! We enjoy a lot visiting the beautiful "Palmeral of Elche", that is the biggest in Europe, and Santa Maria´s cathedral.. What we did in Cartagena. In Cartagena we went to the Naval museum where we learnt about the technics required to build a ship, how are sea mines deployed and the flags Spain has had since it had an army. We even got to see the first submarine ever created. This submarine was designed by the Cartaginean inventor Peral. We all enjoyed the visit to the museum because it was so interesting information about the sea defence.. OUR GROUP. María and Réka have made the Alicante´s part of the project.Irene has made Elche. Aitana has made Orihuela. Ángel has made Cartagena. Germán has made Murcia.. It is one of the most emblematic buildings of the city. It is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula on the banks of the Segura River. 447 182 hab.881.86 km². MURCIA