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ROMAN THEATREWe learnt about the evolution and discovery of the theatre...We knew about the customs of the Roman society.,3,BASÍLICA OF SANTA MARÍA,2,We were impressedby its wonderful rooms.,And we had lunch in the teacher's room,ELCHE,We took a walk through the palm grove and the guide explained that it is the largest in Europe.,And to end the visit to Elche, we made a guided tour of the Huerto del Cura.,index,1.ERASMUS project2. Welcome3.Gabriel Miró Highschool4.Orihuela5.Cartagena6.Murcia7.Elche8.Alicante9. Farewell dinner10. Thanks,The project,1,4,5,6,1- Orihuela - SPAIN2- Palermo - ITALY3- Naukseni - LATVIA4- Reykjanesbaer - ICELAND5- Szubin - POLAND6- Eger - HUNGARY,MARITIME MUSEUMWe learnt naval history and we saw boat models and other objects used by the navy.,cartagena,Wednesday 20th February,Isaac Peral Submarine,MURCIA,THE CATHEDRALWe visited the interior of this Baroque building and we listened to some interesting legengs about it.,Santa clara monastery and museum,We saw the remains of the oldMuslim Palace of the 13th century.,THE CASINO,,GABRIEL MIRÓ HIGHSCHOOL,We had a presentation of the project in the assembly hall and we received some gifts.,Tuesday 19th of February,Then we made a tour for our partners around the highschool's classrooms,.,ORIHUELA,CASA MUSEO MIGUEL HERNÁNDEZ,We visited the house of the poet Miguel Hernández and learnt about his life style and the facts that inspired him.,SANTO DOMINGO,We saw Santo Domingo and listened to its history and some interesting details.,CATHEDRAL,We entered inside the cathedral of Orihuela,NATIONAL PRIDESIN A EUROPEAN CONTEXT,ORIHUELA'S CASINO DINNER,FAREWELL DINNER,Thursday 21th February,All the groups had a special meal ordered by the teachers at the casino of Orihuela. Then a group of women danced Sevillanas,FAREWELL,Finally, we had the farewell. All the spanish teachers called the participants of the Erasmus proyect from all the countries.They received some gifts from Spain and a Erasmus Certificate,THANKS!,Elena Sáez VilellaNuria Murcia BallestaAngela Pérez HernándezRamón Belmonte CuencaHeriberto Montesinos Ruiz,PALMERAL OF ELCHE,It is a basilica from the 15th century, which represents every August a play called the mystery of Elche, it is represented by children.,HUERTO DEL CURA,Thursday 20th February,ALICANTE,After lunch, we visited some offices and the teachers left us free time to walk around the port and the beach.,On Monday 18th students from other countries arrived, we went to leave the suitcases, we met them and went for a walk around Orihuela.,welcome,WORK DONE BY...,Nicol KorzemiackaPia CelanoSára VárhelyiIlmârs DucisBartosz Smolinski