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Bios of the FoundersBart Jacobsz RosierBart Jacobsz Rosier is CEO and co-founder of Etergo, formerly Bolt Mobility. He is an entrepreneur with over ten years of experience and multiple entrepreneurial awards.One of Bart’s life goals has been to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and transport. He studied mechanical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where he founded multiple companies and was active in the Honors Program. He pursued his master’s degree at the University of Amsterdam, during which he built websites for ING and Arcadis (ao), and where he also began his third company, Dwillo.An award winning platform, which he eventually donated to a university. Because he found the market mechanics of his company did not allow him to grow it fast enough to truly scale the business. With his learnings, he joined Marijn Flipse as co-founder of what was then Bolt Mobility, where he was able to pursue the goal of building a highly scalable product-based business in the renewable energy sector. Bart is the product architect at Etergo, deeply involved with strategy and development of new products people can fall in love with. Marijn FlipseMarijn Flipse is COO and co-founder of Etergo, formerly Bolt Mobility. Marijn began working as a carpenter at the age of 10 during school holidays, developing his work ethic and a taste for building and working with his hands. A few years later, he began an online business in electronic motorcycle and car parts.He gained interest in two-wheeled vehicles after purchasing his first, a mini-bike imported from China at the age of 13. He had his own second-hand scooter company by the time he was 15, servicing Vespa's in his city and selling revised Vespa’s online. While studying Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Delft, Marijn began looking for an electric scooter for himself to avoid the bus commute to campus from his home in Rotterdam.He quickly discovered there were e-scooters on the market, but they were often just poor quality petrol scooters converted to electric. They didn’t look good, and their reviews were generally terrible. Adding insult to injury, they were selling for up to €4.000. Marijn saw little reason for consumers to choose an electric scooter over a petrol option. Grasping the importance of electric scooters while researching the extreme pollution petrol options caused inspired Marijn’s creativity and drive. After entering a Yes!Delft accelerator, he met the like-minded Bart, his eventual co-founder. They joined forces to bring clean, tech-forward mobility to the masses.

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