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Badajoz - Spain

Where is Badajoz?

The town is located in the south of the region of Extramadura in western Spain. It is the largest province in the country, and is a land of contracts.

Why Badajos is so important ?

It is the most populated and important city from the economic point of view of the autonomous community of Extremadura.

It was founded in the year 875 by Ibn Marwan.

After the Christian conquest for the kingdom of León, Badajoz changed its strategic position to be next to the border with Portugal.

It is currently an important commercial and cultural meeting point between Spain and Portugal.

Size and Population

Badajoz has a population of 145.567 inhabitants. It is a very large city, compared to the rest of its surroundings. It has an extension of 1,470 km²

Badajoz has many interesting places to see and visit. One of the most famous are the carnival and López de Ayala theater.

Badajoz as a tourist center

The Carnival in Badajoz

The Carnival of Badajoz is considered one of the three best carnivals in Spain.During the carnival, the streets of Badajoz become a massive costume party.

López de Ayala Theater

Located in Minayo Square, the theater has a capacity of 800 spectators. A lot of cultural activities take part in it - theater, dance, music, film and opera.

Local food and culinary

The typical dishes of Badajoz are made with products from the countryside, such as wild asparagus, carpel, ground criadillas, mushrooms. Pork is the most popular meat. Its organs are used for making chorizos, sausages, hams and many other.

Other typical spanish food

One of the most famous spanish dishes are: Patatas Bravas, Paella,Gazpacho and Tortilla Española

Sports in Spain

Sport in Spain in the second half of the 20th century has always been dominated by football. Other popular sport activities include basketball, tennis and cycling.

Famous spanish athletes