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MOBILE APPLICATIONRemote controlled brewing processReal-time oversightSynchronized memory

Facts and Figures: 2018 BREWIE+CUSTOM MADE PUMPSUp to 12% faster brewing20.000 hours of life expectancyRENEWED SENSORSPressure replacing weightEasier calibrationShakes off user interferenceDOUBLED MEMORY STORAGEmore recipes, more experimentsUPDATED ELECTRONICSadapted from the automobile industryUPDATED HEATING ELEMENTSFor the rolling boil you needNEW WIFI MODULEincreasing reception - for all garage orgarden shed brewing18% LIGHTER (6kg -13.5 pounds)machine for easier handling

About brewieThe ever evolving world of beer, and the tastes of beer lovers is demanding richer flavours, more variety and better quality beer. That’s exactly what we would like to provide you with at Brewie. Born in 2014, Brewie was dreamed up and created by three friends and dedicated beer-enthusiasts out of appreciation and admiration for the world’s most popular adult beverage – beer. At Brewie we strive to simplify brewing and bring it home to everybody, to elevate the experience of creating your own beer, to engage amateurs and inspire professional brewers to create new recipes all around the world. We believe that dedication combined with a modern, slick design, and a creative use of technology can make a once-upon-a-time complicated process more reachable, and the products more fun. DIY brewing is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world, and we at Brewie would like to be part of this experience by bringing people together, and building a truly global brewing community.Source:www.brewie.org

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