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Orihuela (in Valencian, Oriola) is a city and municipality of the province of Alicante, in the Valencian Community, Spain. It is popularly known for its churches and its history. In Orihuela, Holy Week is celebrated as a patronal feast, at the same time as Moors and Crystallines.

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February 19, 2019

Santo Domingo



It is the Diocesan School of Santo Domingo, a 16th century former Dominican convent and university.

it is the Cathedra from Orihuela. Is the gotic cathedral and is one of the smallest in Spain, but its interior is delightful.

Oriol is the emblem of Orihuela which is also called Oropendola. The Oriol is located in the town hall of the city



House of Miguel Hernandez

The seminar is a school where you learn as a cure, it was also a prison.

This square is painted by Diego Velazquez and is very famous and prestigious. The name of the painting is La Tentación De Santo Tomás De Aquino (The Temptation of saint Thomas)

This is the house of Miguel Hernández. The house is open to visitors and has a poetic ambience in every corner .

Comments about Orihuela

"The first day of this project was amazing! I met many people and above all, my partner Fanni. During the day, we enjoyed a wonderful guided tour of Orihuela."Marina Aledo

"The first day was amazing! I met so many new people and I had so much fun showing them Orihuela!" Selene González

"It was a fantastic day, walking around Orihuela and meeting new people was amazing. I love it!" María Botella

"We learned lots of things about Orihuela that we didn't know before and we had fun with our project partners." Marina Pardo

"I literally loved all the places where we went in Orihuela especially the mountain where we went in our free time the first day" Nate Purina

"The first day was very exciting and also very exhausting. I learned many things that I didn't know about Orihuela" Alba Aracil

"Orihuela is a striking town which I really resonated with. The Santo Domingo Cathedral is truly awe inspiring and is one of my favorite places we visited"Vilhjálmur Thorarensen

"I really liked Orihuela because it's a very nice place and has a lot of places to visit" Sara Schieria

“ I had the pleasure of visiting the city of Orihuela, with all of those monuments. The monument which impressed me the most was the house of the writter Miguel Hernandez.” Klaudia Kozakiewicz

"Not only was the weather amazing in Orihuela but also in the places which we visited. All of them were beautiful and our tour guide was fantastic, as well!" Fanni Rozsnaki


February 20, 2019

Murcia is a city made to measure man. In the last decades of the twentieth century, The city began workin on plans for construction and urban rehabilitation. Many buildings of artistic patrimony, Squares and streets of the old town were recovered and new neighborhoods were created. Murcia inhabits a modern and avant-garde character.

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Cathedral of Santa Maria


Main temple and headquarter of the Diocese of Cartagena. It integrates the original Gothic style with Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical additions. It was declared a National Monument in 1931.

It opened its doors in 1847. It is a mixture of different artistic currents that coexisted in the second half of the 19th century in Spain. It was declared a national historical-artistic monument in 1983.

Monastery of Santa Clara

It is a monastic ensemble of the Order of the Clarisas. It has its origins in the 14th century and is one of the most important historical buildings of the city with the remains of the Moorish palace.

Comments about Murcia

"Murcia is one of my favorite cities and, for this reason, I was really excited to go. The places we visited were spectacular, although my favorite was the casino." Marina Aledo

"I loved visiting Murcia! It's one of my favourite cities and I enjoyed the tour a lot! Especially the casino, I fell in love with the dance salon, it was spectacular." Selene González

"The day when we went to Murcia was perfect. I loved the casino because the ceiling was spectacular!"Marina Pardo

"Murcia was awesome. I liked the cathedral. I really like how cathedral´s look in general because they all are literally unique." Nate Purina

"That day was exhausting but also it was very funny. I really like Murcia and the cathedral." Alba Aracil

"The Cathedral of Murcia is architecturally a very interesting building because of the many historical styles it posseses. I felt like I was walking through time.Vilhjálmur Thorarensen

"Murcia is one of most amazing cities! I love going there and seening all those monuments" Maria Botella

“In Murcia, we visit my favorite monument of this trip the casino, i fell in love with the decoration, and the history of this place” Klaudia Kozakiewicz

"A town where you can find really beatiful places,and the main attraction of the city , the Real Casino, full of art and magic" Sara Schieria

"I really love Murcia, the cathedral was amazing and the casino was striking. I was really surprise about that." Fanni Rozsnaki


It is a city and municipality of Spain, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the autonomous community of the region of Murcia. The city of Cartagena was founded in the year 227 BC. The city had its golden age during Roman times, with the name of Carthago Nova.

February 20, 2019

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Roman Theater

The theater was built in the late first century B.C, it has been restored for the enjoyment, as well as for conservation and exhibition with educational and cultural purposes.

Armamentist naval museum

It is a historic building from the mid-eighteenth century, former barracks of prisoners and slaves. Since its construction in 1786 has gone through different uses as; Penitentiary Center, Presidio and Training barracks of Marinera.

Comments about Cartagena

"Cartagena was one of my favorite destinations during the trip. In this city, we had wonderful weather, we enjoyed our sizable free time and we went to one of the most incredible places, the Roman Theater." Marina Aledo

"I had such a great time in Cartagena, especially visiting the Roman Theater, it was my favourite thing to visit during the whole week." Selene González

"Never I have gone to Cartagena but it was a beautiful city. The theater was my favourite place in Cartagena because it was awesome." Marina Pardo

"I really loved the theater. In Latvia there is'nt´ anything like that. I think that was amazing." Nate Purina

"I hadn't been to Cartagena before, but the city surprised me. Also, the Roman theater was spectacular! Alba Aracil

"I really enjoy the trip to Cartagena, going to see the roman theatre and that beatiful city!" Maria Botella

"It's really nice to visit even in the winter time,expecially for the roman site" Sara Schieria

“Cartagena was beatiful, we visit the Roman Theatre, the museum was incredible,and the city itself!”Klaudia Kozakiewicz

"The Roman theatre took me back in time. It was so impressive to see how people used to entartain themselves in the past. Besides this, Cartagena is a super city, we took a long walk next to the sea and visited a couple of souvenir shops!" Fanni Rozsnaki

"My experience of the Roman theatre was very enjoyable. Cartagena is a very impressive city which i may want to visit again." Vilhjálmur Thorarensenº


Elche is a city and a municipality of Spain located in the province of Alicante, in the Valencian Community. This city is very popular because it has several patrimonies of humanity such as the palm grove of elche, the ministry... These ilicitanos identity symbols are one of the main tourist attractions of this city of industrial tradition.

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February 21,2019

Palmeral of Elche

It is a large expanse of palm trees within the Spanish city of Elche. With more than 200,000 specimens, it is the largest palm grove in Europe and one of the largest in the world..

Is located at the square of the Eucharistic Congress of the city of Elche. It was built in Baroque style between 1672 and 1784

Basilica of Santa María

Comments about Elche

"Elche was the most beautiful visit that we did. Everybody loved being in a natural habitat like the Palmeral!"Selene González

" I love the Palmeral. It was the perfect day to go. The sun was shining we were interested in all places because it was very interesting." Marina Pardo

"I liked that in Elche it was chill. We all were taking photos, talking and chilling together with no stress." Nate Purina

"In my opinion, the visit to the Palmeral was amazing, because the palms were very beautiful and there were many types of them. I love the Palmeral." Alba Aracil

"We visit the palmeral, that is one of the most amazing scenary of all the trip, i loved it! Maria Botella

"I'm in love with the Priest's Garden! A magical place where you can relax and meditate" Sara Schieria

“At Elche i had the pleasure of seening many type of palme, and we visit the basilica of Santa Maria,it was a good day!” Klaudia Kozakiewicz

"The Palmeral in Elche was absolutely breathtaking! comming from Iceland I have never seen anything like it"Vilhjálmur Thorarensen

"Palm trees, finally! I was absolutely amazed by the wonderful plants. I wish I could bring one of them to home." Fanni Rozsnaki

"The day we went to Elche my exchange partners and I took many pictures. Also, I learned words in Italian and in Hungarian, it was really fun!" Marina Aledo


Alicante is a city and a municipality of Spain, capital of the homonymous province, in the Valencian Community. Port city, is located on the Mediterranean coast. In alicante there is a lot of tourism since in this city you have all the facilities to spend an unforgettable vacation thanks to its culture, its festivities, its heritage, its beaches...

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February 21, 2019

Postiguet beach

The witches house

Explanada of Alicante

It´s the beach most popular in Alicante because it´s next to the Explanada and near the port of Alicante.

It began to be popularly called as the House of Witches in the 70s, thanks to children with much imagination. Now the witches house is the europe direct office.

It is a very popular seafront because it has lots of shops and It´s opposite the harbor and the beach. Explanada is the best known way in Alicante

Comments about Alicante

"We had free time in Alicante and we all went to the beach, we run in the sand and played in the water, it was very funny!" Selene González

"I think, the day in Alicante was the best because we were all enjoying the weather that it was perfect and we were on the beach having fun together." Marina Pardo

"Alicante was beautiful!! Me and my friends were walking around and saying that Alicante is so beautiful. It had some unique building that we were in love with." Nate Purina

"Alicante was very funny because I could watch the beach and take pictures with my group. For me, Alicante is one of the best places to spend time with friends." Alba Aracil

"In my opinion, Alicante is a fantastic place to spend time with friends. Fortunately, I had a great time with my exchange partners, especially when we went to the beach. I really like Alicante!" Marina Aledo

"Having free time in Alicante was spectacular, having time to go to the beach it was very funny !" Maria Botella

“In Alicante we had free time, we went to the beach and we have lot of fun, taking photos and playing games.” Klaudia Kozakiewicz

"If i will have the opportunity to go there i will be the happier person in the wold, because I loved being there even for a few time" Sara Schieria

"After visiting Alicante I can see why it is one of the most popular travelling destination of Icelandairs. Spending quality time ther with friends or family is a very attractive notion for me." Vilhjálmur Thorarensen

"The first time in my life when I could sing "Beach, beach, let's go to the beach!" and it came true! We took many-many pictures at the beach and we had a wonderful time together. It was just like a dream. (And I could learn what gaviota means!)" Fanni Rozsnaki

February 21, 2019

The last dinner was at the Orihuela casino. There we had a good time with laughter, jokes...Until the sad moment of this experience that was saying goodbye to our new friends.

Last Dinnner

We will miss all of them