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The green gold of rome

Nombre: Javier y AlbaAsignaturas: Inglés, TIC y PlasticaCurso: 4 Grupo CInstituto: IES. Nicolás CopérnicoFecha: 15/5/19

-A bit of historyWhen Rome conquered the south of the Iberian Peninsula, the territory that later became known as the "Bética Province" of the Empire, spread the olive cultivation through a great climb, especially in the current Sevillian and Cordoba countryside. Throughout the imperial era large quantities of oil were produced in the valleys of the Guadalquivir and El Genil for The supply to the army and the population of Rome, which has become the Bética in the largest exporter of the Empire.

-Your use in RomeSuch demand for oil was due to the extensive use that the Romans gave to this product. Athletes used it as an ointment in fights, and it was also used to protect the skin in bathrooms, for the preparation of cosmetics and perfumes, in lamps for lighting and as a lubricant for leathers and ropes. However, the most valuable use since the Romans until today is, without a doubt, the gastronomic one, as a fundamental product of the Mediterranean diet

Apart from oil, exclaves,animals and raw materials were also exported

On these routes, the ships exported the oil to Rome.