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How do I process my Year End?

Year End Preparation

Post Year End

Year End AssistantProcess

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FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide

Year End Preparation

How do I setup my 13th Period?

How do I process a stock take/ count inventory?

How do I process a Foreign Currency Revaluation?

How do I check for and update Open Batches?

How do I process a Data Integrity Check?

How do I check for a retained income account?

Year End Assistant Process

Year-End process (SQL POS or Debtors Manager)

Year-End process (no SQL add on modules

Post Year End

How do I make sure my financial periods are correct?

How do I process a data integrity check?

How do I add and activate my companies?

How to ensure you check that all necessary datasets are being backed up?

How do I take documents off of hold?

Year End FAQ's

Year End FAQ

Modules Affected By The Year End

Year End Troubleshooting Guide