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,Check if you are near to any path in the map of the Way of Saint James.Fill in the form to participate.Think what to show for gathering information in different languagesGo to the place and take the 360º pictureYou will have all the info in the web. Click on the picture.,SantiagoVR,Virtual Tour of the Way of Saint James,Work Process (I),Nowadays, 25 partners from 10 different countries,CC-BY-NC-SA @ GmedranoTIC,Objective,To create a Virtual Tour of the Way of Saint James, created and enriched by students with their descriptions of the Local Monuments / Cultural Heritage, that can be found in the 360º pictures taken by them.,You can participate if you are an official school and you are close to any of the possibilities of this official Way of Saint James.(Click on the picture),CC-BY-NC-SA @ GmedranoTIC,Work Process (II),Final Result (live),For all students ages (7 to >20 years) and for any number,Students Partners Subjects,HistoryArtGeographyEconomyCultureICT,SantiagoVR,Add a marker in the map for creating the Path. Send the files (360+descriptions+CCpictures+URL of 360 position) to gmedranotic+santiagovr@gmail.com, for creating the VR Tour.Use the result with your students, learn Culture, History, and "walk" virtually with your VR visor (Cardboard, etc.)All tutorials for creating the project are in the web. Click on the picture to go.,Virtual Tour of the Way of Saint James,Collaborative Project,European Project,Collaborative Project,To collaborate in aEuropean working environment To develop Virtual Reality basic skills for both student and teacher.To practise different Communicative Skills.To create an educative resource about the Way of Saint James for learning, accessible for any student wherever they are, and inclusive.To promote the European Historical and Cultural Heritage.,Objetives