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Digital conductivity sensor Indumax CLS50DInductive conductivity cell made of highly resistant material for conductivity and concentration measurements in water.Measurement range2 µS/cm ... 2000 mS/cmMaterialPEEKTemperature sensorIntegrated Pt1000

Digital pH sensor Orbipac CPF81DOrbipac CPF81D measures pH reliably and accurately even in fibrous media and at high flow rates. In surface water you can measure the pH level in order to evaluate whether the water of the respective river or lake is in balance. Furthermore the sensor is able to measure the water temperature (Pt1000).Measurement rangepH 0-14MaterialPPS / glass / PTFETemperature sensorIntegrated Pt1000

4-channel transmitter Liquiline CM444Liquiline CM444 is a digital multiparameter transmitter for process monitoring and controlling in any application.Number of channels4MaterialPlastic (polycarbonate)

Digital oxygen sensor Oxymax COS51DOxymax COS51D is a reliable and highly accurate oxygen sensor for all kinds of water applications. Use it for monitoring the concentration of dissolved oxygen in surface water. A sufficient oxygen level is necessary for a healthy aquatic life.Measurement range0.01 mg/l ... 100 mg/lMaterialSensor body: POMMembrane cap: POM

Immersion assembly Flexdip CYA112The Flexdip CYA112 is a modular assembly for sensor immersion in open basins, channels, or tanks.Optimum configuration for every measuring spotEasy to install and to maintainRobust designThe perfect addition is the optional Modular holder system Flexdip CYH112. If you order it additionally, you can ease the installation.

Netilion Smart System for Surface WaterNetilion Smart System is an intelligent measuring system for monitoring the quality of surface water. It consists of two components:Box: a single package containing the measuring equipment which you can install at the relevant measuring spots (pay once).Smart Systems App: a smartphone app with which you can access the measuring values wherever you are (monthly rate: plan). In addition you can also use the web application Netilion Value if you prefer desktop use. Nevertheless, the registration for the Smart Systems App is necessary.

Smart Systems AppYou can download the Smart Systems App on iTunes orGooglePlay. The Smart Systems App will connect you to your sensors. You use the app to check the measuring values, set up locations and receive alarm notifications. (In addition to the smartphone app, you can also use the web applicationNetilion Valuefor checking the measuring values on your desktop PC.)In any case, you need to have aplan for the Smart Systems App. You canregister online for choosing your plan.