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4 months SHui Project Monitoring

Project Meetings Shui Kick-off Meeting September 2018 During the past days, 24, 25 and 26 of September, the kick-off meeting of the SHui project was held. This project is part of the European Commission’s H2020 program, with a horizon of four years from its launch. The project will be coordinate from IAS-CSIC (Institute for Sustainable Agriculture) in the framework of their investigations.Throughout the three days, the participants have presented and discussed the planned work packages, along with a field visit and working groups in which plan in detail the project actions for the next 12 months. Nanjing October 2018 Before the official start of Chinese SHui Project (January 1st, 2019), some of the partners held a meeting for consolidate the aims and procedures of the project. During this meeting they talked about some important issues such as Consortium Agreement, list of agricultural system or students exchange. Next meeting will be in China around March/April.

Prefinancing During November, the partners have received 48,33% of the total budget of the project. European Comission retains 5% as garantee fund. After that, interim payments will reimburse the eligible costs incurred for the implementation of the action during the corresponding reporting periods. The Agency will pay to the coordinator the amount due as interim payment within 90 days from receiving the periodic report. Payment is subject to the approval of the periodic report.

Deliverables The first deliverables have been submitted at the end of November. These are the following: D1.1 Report on minimum requirements for long-term data. D7.1 Shui Management Manual D6.1 Shui Website All of them are availables in the following link, after the registration: https://owncloud.gwdg.de/index.php/apps/files/?dir=/&fileid=374399989

Website SHui project has already its website. The address is the following: https://www.shui-eu.org/ Partners are invited to share any SHui activities they want, such as news, interesting links or publications.

Next steps The partners are working in their work packages and will provide their conclusions at next Project Board meeting in China. See you there!