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Enseigner les génocides

Created on Thu Nov 29 2018 20:42:53 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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RESSOURCES,Mercredi 12 décembre18h00 - 20h00CDI du campus de Forest RoadLycée Rochambeau,,Pour préparer notre formation du mardi 11 décembre et la table ronde du mercredi 12 décembre,Formation Histoire-GéographieLycée Rochambeau -- Décembre 2018,QUESTIONS ?,,Enseigner les génocides,PROGRAMME,LECTURES,TABLE RONDE,,A lire, à voir, ou à écouter,Participants :- Mrs. Abbe Jolles, international human rights litigator and legal expert, attorney at United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda- Mrs. Julia Brennan, textile conservator whose expertise has taken her to Rwanda and Cambodia to lead textile conservation projects at genocide memorial sites- Mrs Elizabeth Wise, was a war correspondant in East Africa and, as a reporter for the Associated Press, she was assigned to Rwanda in the weeks immediately following the 1994 genocide- M Bernard Mossé, scholar with the Foundation of the Camp des Milles and coordinator of the UNESCO Chair "Education for Citizenship, Human Sciences and Shared Memories”- Upon confirmation: Guest from the NMAAHC- Upon confirmation: Guest from the USHMM,Table Ronde"Genocide(s): Risk, Resilience, and Reconciliation",PROGRAMME