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A - 2,Fantastic ! You've got some money! Now you can spend it in Diagon Alley.,Extendable ear,I'm afraid he's just,QUALITY QUIDDITCH SUPPLIES,Which wand is brown?,You look like a discerning,chocolate,If you want a ticket to Hogwart's, answer the questions correctly,Question 3Who wrote the Potions book you received from Mr. Mulpepper?,mice,Let me show you what we have,Nimbus 5000.,Ok, I'll sell you the ,Start,MR. MULPEPPER'S APOTHICARY,OLIVANDER'S,QUALITY QUIDDITCH SUPPLIES,WELCOME TO SCRIBBULUS,GRINGOTT'S,Orks,Dwarves,What creatures run this bank?,Peseta,Franco,What was the currency of Spain prior to 2000,Real,Goblins,What is the UK equivalent of the CAC40,the Headsie,if you are "in credit" at the bank,you have a cheque book,Harry, don’t forget, to get into Diagon Alley you need to tap four bricks in the correct order.Always count from the top left hand corner.5 down 4 across – 2 down 2 across - 10 down 5 across – 8 down 3 across.Love Ginny xxx,I'd like a pen, please,Sorry, my mistake,What can I get you?,I'd like a bag, please,This is the last one in stock.,I'll go and look...,Nope ... sold out,I'll just have a bag then,Yes, I did,You rang ?,to Weasley's,Wizard,our amazing,quick !,buy today?,... sigh ...,Phoenix feather core,MR. MULPEPPER'S APOTHICARY,Pass me some Cardamon,the Britsie,1. how many balls are used in the game of Quidditch?,2. how many players are there in a Quidditch team?,customer. I'm sure I can,find you a suitable ride.,So where is the information?,It's hidden in a book "The Monster album",Yes of course, what do you take me for?,Do you remember the Dark Lord's instructions?,Welcome,Wheezes,Check out,range of,products,but you ,have to be,very,So,what do,you want to,Puking Pastilles,Love Potion,Fainting Fancies,Come again!,Thank you!,Great ! Now I can listen to that conversation,Have my books wrapped,and delivered to Hogwarts,Of course, sir.,He never notices me ...,... sigh ...,He never notices me ...,... sigh ...,Oh ... a customer!,make him notice me.,... sigh ...,Oh ... if only I could,Can I help you?,Is that for me?,That should help Dr Faustus,finally notice me,... I'll put a few drops in his tea ...,Great ! Now I can help Miss Flourish!,Come again!,Thank you!,The Fire-starter,The Reavers,The Host, is a terrible creature which appears in the guise of a harmless elderly lady but can transform into a murder of crows and wreak havoc on innocents., is a demon which often takes the body of a child. When left alone and unobserved it will set fire to homes and schools., are creatures from a parallel world. They are 'lost wanderers' and walk through our world leaving waste and destruction in their wake. They are not cruel as they are not aware of our presence., is a terrifying entity. It is a constatnly growing hive being that captures adventurers who stumble into its lair, absorbs their souls and adds them to the hive.They can be found in ruins.,The Crow,Were you looking,For Mr Ollivander?,Hello,stepped out,Can I get you anything ?,OLIVANDER'S,Have a look at this selection,I'd like a wand, please.,How to choose your wand,Which wand has a phoenix feather core?,Which wand is brown?,Well done!,OLIVANDER'S,an excellent choice!,Mahogany,35 cm,360g,Dark brown,Which wand has the phoenix feather core?,Oh thank goodness!,Can you help me?,somebody has made,a terrible mess,of my drawers,Can you sort them?,MR. MULPEPPER'S APOTHICARY,MR. MULPEPPER'S APOTHICARY,MR. MULPEPPER'S APOTHICARY,MR. MULPEPPER'S APOTHICARY,MR. MULPEPPER'S APOTHICARY,MR. MULPEPPER'S APOTHICARY,MR. MULPEPPER'S APOTHICARY,Thank you!,MR. MULPEPPER'S APOTHICARY,You fool!,Study the cabinet,Pass me some Jasmine petals,Pass me some Gilly Weed,Pass me some Frogspawn,Pass me some Batwings,Pass me some Hawk spit,Are you trying to kill me ?,Take this for your trouble.,Yes,No,I'm ready,Welcome! Welcome!,Now I'm sure,we can find you,a suitable ride,,or my name's not,Honest John !,Take this model for example...,previously owned by an old witch,,Very low mileage and genuine ash,or this model,One careful owner,,No? Do you want something a little,the Footsie,you owe them money,they owe you money,part payment of a debt,What is bitcoin?,global digital money,old currency of China,the € is worth more,the € is worth less ,the € stays the same,if the € inflation rate is higher than the $US inflation rate,sportier?,How about this one ...A real bargain...,Previously owned by Ron Weasley!,Still not interested well ... let's see ...,technically this is not a broom ...,but it's excellent in wet weather !,Ok, my last flier ...,But this is under the counter stuff ...,The ministry of magic hates these ...,What a beauty! "The "Vacu5Xl" !,I promise you , you will certainly,be noticed flying around on this !!,Right, let's head back inside and,talk business !,Shop,still have your heart,QUALITY QUIDDITCH SUPPLIES,are a serious customer,questions and prove you,set on that Nimbus 5000.,Well I can see you,I'll sell it to you.,If you can answer my,A - 5,QUALITY QUIDDITCH SUPPLIES,3. What is the name of the smallest Quidditch ball?,A - the snitch,QUALITY QUIDDITCH SUPPLIES,A - the snatcher,4. What is the name of the player resposible for capturing the smallest Quidditch ball?,C - the snitcher,I can see you know ,QUALITY QUIDDITCH SUPPLIES,Well done!,your way around a ,Quidditch pitch!,B - 3,C - 4,B - 7,C - 8,B - the snatch,C - the grinch,B - the seeker,Be careful ,if you are discovered in the final task, the Dementors will come for you. .... a friend,Do you only sell owls?,something in particular?,Hello there, looking for,I'd like an owl, please,Well now, I may have,This chap for example,is small but ideal for,But if you want to send,a parcel you will need this,longer letters,a short message service,one or two birds,This one is better for ,big chap,Oh ... there's the post,Get it for me, would you?,I guess that letter,for you...,know how to find you.,pleases you.,take whichever one,But don't forget they all,prefer different things to eat.,it's amazing how they,I'll tell you what,,Check before you leave,must have been,the shop,seeds,Sorry, I'll come back later,the sign above the door?,Seriously ? Did you read,Psst ... Do you want a ticket for Hogwarts?,Yes, sure,Maybe later,But be careful ... one wrong answer and the Dementors will perform their kiss and wipe your memory !,I understand the rules,back to Diagon Alley,Primrose petals,Cardamom,Question 12Which product did Mr. Mulpepper not require?,Libatius Borage,¿Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod?,Herbaceous Border,a Nimbus 5000,Ok if you insist ...,Question 1That's a nice broom you have. What model is it?,a Nimbus 2000,Potage's,Madam Malkin's,Question 13In which shop did you overhear the conversation between Snape and Quirrell?,Question 8How many drops of love potion are required?,three,six,¿Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod?,Question 10What does this owl like eating?,seeds,chocolate,Professor Foster,Doctor Faustus,Question 9Who is Miss Flourish in love with?,¿Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod?,Question 6You have a fine wand in your possession. How heavy is it?,360g,320g,Ron Weasley,an old witch,¿Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod?,Question 4What was the title of the book you found at Flourish and Blott's?,Question 11Who previously owned this broom?,The Monster Book,The Moster Album,¿Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod?,Question 2Which product was not on sale in the Weasley's shop?,Nosebleed Nougat,Puking Pastilles,Scribbulus,Mulpepper's,Question 14Which shop is next door to Olivander's?,Question 5In that book, which creatures came from a parallel dimension?,The Reavers,Ebony,The Host,¿Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod?,Question 7On the subject of wands, what wood is yours made of?,Mahogany,You did it !,Congratulations,Hmm ... I feel like I've been here before,Catch the train,I hope you have enjoyed playing this game as much as I enjoyed making it.,I'd like to thank all those who helped in giving me ideas and all those who,helped test the early versions.,Have a wonderful Christmas,Gerald Pearce,You may have heard the story of "The Boy who Lived" ,and of his battle with 'you know who', but have you ,heard the story of the Muggle who made it to Hogwarts?,Nobody knows the name of that Muggle,Maybe it was you ...,Follow me !