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Canvas and Google Classroom Comparison


Google Classroom vs. Canvas


Add Students Easily

Manage Multiple Classes

Teach Together

Templates/Copy for All Students

Rich Assignment Materials

Assignment Due Dates

Grade Tracking

Prepare in Advance

Quick Exit Tickets & Polling

Course Customization

Keep Resources in one place

Grade Quickly & Easily

Transfer Grades

Integrate your favorite teaching tools

Individual Assignments & Differentiation

Access anytime, anywhere

Real Time Feedback

Create/Manage Class Discussions


Parent Communication

Ready To Go Content

Blueprint Courses and Course Copies

Rich Content Editor

Add Audio Directly Into Questions

Customizable Notification Settings

Course Statistics

Future Relevance

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Created By:

Megan Zara
Digital Learning Coach @ Frisco ISD


eSchool will automatically create your classes and add students FOR YOU! It works a lot better than Remind's rostering too...

Canvas uses the card/block method as well!

Google Classroom allows you to add up to 20 co-teachers. In Canvas, you may add as many co-teacher as you'd like.

Teachers love the "Make a copy for each student" feature in Google Classroom! Luckily, we can do this with Canvas as well! It looks a tiny bit different.

Teachers can still pull a template from Google Drive. Students will be able to open and edit the document directly on the Canvas Assignment page or in their Drive. They click turn in/submit when they are finished and the teacher can use the SpeedGrader within Canvas to grade!

One difference is that Canvas does not name the document with the student's name, but when they turn it in on Canvas, it is attached to their name.

Another difference is that students will need to share the document with the teacher for the teacher to see progress in real time.

Use the Survey Quiz Style to create graded and ungraded surveys and polls!

Canvas acts more like a website than Google Classroom. This means the instructor can completely custom exactly how their course looks AND how it is organized!

Canvas can absolutely be a One-Stop-Shop! A single course can have:

  • All class resources and information
  • Embedded resources and media
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Attendance
  • Gradebook
  • Discussions
  • Units/Modules
  • Personalized Calendar
  • Communication/Messaging
  • etc.

524 - SpeedGrader™ Overview from Instructure Community on Vimeo.

Easily Export grades to a CVS file!

Here is just a sampling of the integrations available!

There's an App for that! Canvas has an app for teachers, students, and parents!

Canvas quizzes, assignments, discussions, and of course the SpeedGrader allow for teachers to give students immediate feedback in a variety of ways!

Additionally, teachers can require that STUDENTS give each other feedback on assignments!

Canvas has a beautiful and AMAZING discussion feature! Discussions can be graded and teachers can even require that students post BEFORE seeing others' answers!

528 - Calendar Overview from Instructure Community on Vimeo.

Parents have access to see what their students sees on Canvas, but parents CAN'T interact with the course!

Parents create an account and associate it with their student(s). if they have more than one student using Canvas, they can access all of their children from the same parent account!

Don't reinvent the wheel!

The Canvas Commons has a TON of courses, modules, activities, and more that have ALREADY been created! To pull content into your course, it is as easy as making about 3 clicks!

A PLC's dream!

Teams can build within ONE course and changes and updates can be pushed out easily to associated courses with one click of a button!

Easily make a complete copy of any course as well!

Sometimes, we really need to make instructions stand out! You can with Canvas' Rich Content editor! The Rich Content Editor is available for pages, assignments, quizzes, surveys, and discussions!

Add audio directly into an assignment, quiz, quiz questions, discussion, etc.

Get all of the information you want/need and how and when you want to receive it!

See an overview of your course analytics! From this view, teachers can see student participation, page views, late and missing assignments, and students' overall scores.

On the topic of Google Classroom in Higher Education:

Google Apps (Docs, Slides, Maps, Drawings, etc.) and Google Classroom are the same company, but CG is simply another Google App. Colleges have mostly moved to using Gmail and they do expect students to use Google Apps, but most colleges do not use Google Classroom specifically. You would be hard-pressed to find a list of colleges using Google Classroom.

"Skeptical of a product that lacks key learning management system (LMS) features and a broader higher ed strategy, IT administrators mainly have parceled out Classroom to pilot programs and case-by-case experiments." Read the full article here.

"Every online course - and many residential courses - depends on the LMS [Canvas is an LMS]. Google does not have an enterprise level LMS. Google platforms do not integrate with the SIS (student information system). Google - for all its centrality to the lives of students, faculty and staff - has done little to advance the learning in higher ed." Read the full article here.

Colleges & Institutions Currently using Canvas