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The Hot End control system, in addition to giving you all the information about the measures and tolerances of each ampoule, provide you an automatic management of 3 automatic burner holders, that receive constant information from the vision camera, reducing to the maximum the rejections and improving your production.

2. Rota

The ROTA allows you to make Closed Ampoules, Form D. KYP has an Industrial Cooler for the factories that need it due to their location.

3. Colorbreak

The Color Break puts a ring on the neck of the ampoule and serves to break the ampoule. The line can install up to 4 rings for codification, or 1 break ring and three coding rings. If you do not have space on the line, you can install 2 Color Break above and 2 below.

4. OPC

The OPC consists of placing a point to indicate where the break cut is made for easy opening of the ampoule. A camera allows us to control the presence of the point and the cut. In case one of them is not present the ampoule is rejected.

5. Printing

The KYP printing system can be mechanical or electronic. Through a touch screen the user can configure both the spatula paths and print in 1 or 2 directions. The speed, precision and quality makes it the best option on the market.

6. Drying

Pre-drying fix the OPC point and printing before entering to the lehr (oven), evaporating the solvents.


The control system ColdEnd controls all the work done on the line: Color break presence and quality, whether they are closed or not, OPC presence of the point and cut, presence control and print quality, as well as cosmetic defects in case of no printing.

8. Calibrated

The additional calibration allows you to make sure of the quality of the blisters.