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WORKING TOGETHER as one global people to create a better world for all


#LetsGoGLOBALThe PROBLEM:Our world is controlled by a 'competitive system'. Nation states, businesses and individuals are competing AGAINST each other - politically and economically, for their own self interest. As thissystem literally pits humanity against itself,it is a 'self-harming' model which has destroyed countless lives.This aggressive self-centered system leads to endless problems which have plagued humanity for centuries; war and conflict, political aggression between countries, greed, corruption, poverty, extreme wealth inequality, environmental destruction,...well, you know what the problems are. They're in the news every day!This system cannot fix itself. It will continue to create major problems in every country unless we take steps to change it.The SOLUTION:The solution is simple: We implement a new global model where we work together as a people, for the common good of all. We transition from a competitive system to a cooperative system. This will solve every major political, economic and humanitarian problem in the world today!By choosing to work together based on a set of shared values and goals, we will no longer be in conflict as a people. We will be capable of truly coordinating our global efforts to create a more intelligent, fair and safe world for everyone.To find out more, click#LetsGoGLOBAL