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Alphabet1 letter1 animal,W.Wolf Ameat-eating animal resembling and related to the dog.,R. Rabbit Alarge-eared, hopping animal, usually smaller than the hare, living in holes in the ground.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,AnimalAlphabet,Q.Quial A small, plump bird of the pheasant family.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,A.Ant A small insect that lives in highly organized colonies.,Alphabet1 letter 1 animal,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,F.Fox A small member of the dog family having a sharply pointed nose and face and a long bushy tail.,B.Bear Alarge, stocky mammal with thick, rough fur and a very short tail.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,J.Jellyfish Marine coelenterates with an umbrellalike body and long tentacles.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,L. Lion Member of the cat family having a tufted tail and, in the male, a large mane.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,V.Vulture A large bird of prey, related to the hawks and eagles, that soars at a high altitude.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,E.Elephant Avery large five-toed mammal having a long trunk and large tusks.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,I.Iguana Alizard with a large stout body and a fringe from neck to tail.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,S.Snake A scaly reptile with a long thin body that has no arms or legs.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,N. Newt A brightly colored salamander that can live on land and in water.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,T. Tiger Alarge, powerful, brownish-orange colored cat with black stripes.,Y.Yak A large, shaggy-haired ox of the Tibetan highlands, having long, curved horns.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,D.Dog Acommon four-legged animal kept as a pet and bred in many varieties.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,G.Giraffe A tall, long-necked, spotted animal of Africa, the tallest living four-legged animal.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,O.Octopus A sea creature having a soft, oval body and eight tentacles with suckers on them.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,K.Kangaroo Marsupial having a small head, powerful hind legs used for leaping, and a long, thick tail.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,U.Uakari Any of several medium-sized, the only New World monkeys having a short tail.,P.Pig Ashort, fat mammal with hooves.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,C.Cat Asmall, furry, carnivorous animal often kept as a pet.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,H.Horse A large mammal with solid hooves, used for carrying or pulling loads and for riding.,M.Monkey A primate having a tail.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,Alphabet1 letter1 animal,X.Xerus An African ground squirrel having spiny fur, very short ears, and a long tail.,Z.Zebra Ahorselike mammal having a special pattern of black stripes on a whitish background.,Alphabet1 letter1 animal