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Keep up to date with known issues on the Sage 300 People Software.The issues listed are only applicable to the latest software version available.

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Issues and Solutions

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TitleAreaDescriptionSolutionApply for leave via the mobile app on iPhone or iPadMobilityThe customer is trying to apply for leave via the mobile app on their iPhone or iPad and when they want to select 18 December 2018 to 9 January 2019 it just does not allow them to roll the dials to the date. It changes the days taken to 100 and you can’t change it.The IOS date picker that uses a spinner. This will be resolved in a future release. Issue No: 14625Generic Exception Error when viewing payslip in WebSSWebSSWhen a user access WebSS to view the payslip they get an error - Generic ExceptionItem has already been added. Key in dictionary: '1437' Key being added: '1437'A few things needs to be in place.1. On Company Rule > Default Rules a Payslip Layout should be linked to all options.2. On Reports > All Reports > Payslip, select the applicable Payslip that is linked to the Company Rule. Ensure that the tick for ESS Report is selected and that the ESS Report type is set to Employee.3. If the ESS Report tick is there, ensure that the ESS Layout tick on the Layout Header is also ticked.Sage City DetailIncorrect leave days available in WebSSWebSSWhen doing a transfer, all the history leave transactions in the from employee record are updated and linked to the live pay period of the to employee record. That means all the history transactions are incorrectly included in the Units Taken (this period) value, resulting in a much lower available balance. When rolling over the history transactions are no longer part of Units Taken (this period) and the available is shown correctly.This will be resolved in a future Release - Issue No: 6496There are two options to fix this:1)Fix transfers to map transactions to the corresponding pay periods in the to company rule instead of linking all history transactions to the live pay period.2)Investigate why the available balance on the balances screen and the available balance on the transaction screen use different views. We should potentially only be using one view for both screens?Inactive ClaimsWebSSClaims option on Web ESS even though set as InactiveThis will be resolved in a future release. Issue No: 4940The workaround for now is to link each claim that should reflect on WebSS to a Process Definition on the Process Definition Linking screen in Sage 300 People.Security on fields on WebSSWebSS / SecurityA Basic information workflow is setup for WebSS. The customer would like to restrict employees to changes certain fields on their personal information like:* Birth certificate number* Marital status* Religion fieldsThis will be resolved in a future release. Issue No. 13514


TitleAreaDescriptionSolutionMicrosoft Package UpgradeTechnicalError when exporting and importing data from and too Excel.Uninstall Office Packages and reinstall the relevant version with all its relevant office tools.

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