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KCC 2018-2019

By: Fina Vendrell

Transnational meeting in Viena 10-13th

Quiz about the castles: Kahoot( 3 questions x country )

Common presentation about our castles: 5 pictures + 5 captions. to be finished in November

Election campaign

Twinspace: forum: Your opinion matters ( 2 threads)

Xmas carol: " Jingle bells" in 6 different languages. Padlet

6 Art techniques tutorials

Forum: What is your favourite art style?

Draw the castles ( black and white)

NGO forum

Preparing the camp: each country brings one game and one selected NGO to present in Berlin

LTTA CAMP IN BERLIN: 12-18th May 2019

NGO presentation in transnational groups

Evaluation with kids

Dissemination of the project

Multilingual dictionary with words about parts of the castle

Final report In Italy: 24th-27th July '19

Students ID cards

Each country selects the best drawing

Videoconference each 2 countries: 5 questions about the project and sing the carol.

Chain to paint the castles in a cooperative way:Wales - Catalonia - Greece - Italy - Austria - Germany

Paint the castle following an art style:Germany: Pointillism, Austria: collage, Italy: Aquarella, Catalonia: mosaic, Greece: cubism, Wales: Pop-Art

Prepare presentation about 1 selected NGO for Berlin

Print the postcards

Each country presents : school, country etc. and a game

What tools and innovative assessment strategies will we apply?

What do we want to get ?What challenge we want to solve?What problems we want to solve?

How will be the students group?How are we going to organize the classroom?

What measurable learning standards of the Official Curriculum can we relate the learning acquired?

What Apps and ICT tools are needed?What web services are we going to use ?Can we link them to tasks?

How can we spread our project?

Who should be involved : teachers, families, other ... ?What materials are needed?Is necessary any special installation?

What do we need to reach the final product?

What key skills are developed?