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$46,884.89,192,1,765.51,GOODWILL EMPLOYEES,C,U,M,N,M,O,M,Y,I,I,T,C,AMOUNT EARNED THROUGH ROUNDUP,AMOUNT SPENT ON YWCA JOB OUTFITTERS VOUCHERS,NUMBER OF MATERIAL DONORS,L,E,V,E,O,M,N,I,N,R,T,A,T,I,POUNDS COLLECTED FROM DONATION DRIVES,POUNDS COLLECTED FROM DONATION BINS,996,SCHEDULED DONATION HOME PICK UPS,$4,600,328,858,115,619,95,C,T,I,M,Y,143,142,2,837,203,T,N,O,I,12,M,C,A,M,U,P,T,FINANCIALS,COMMUNITY IMPACT,ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT,BOARD OF DIRECTORS,SUMMER DONATIONS,Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska,Letter from the CEO,Community Partners,Financials,Our Mission,"Willing Workers Employed and Community Resources Maximized",Locations,COMMUNITY PARTNERS,LETTER FROM THE CEO,LOCATIONS,YEAR AT A GLANCE,R,P,Pictured Front Left: Micki Nolan, Joanne Pickrel, Jan Norlander-Jensen Back Left: Rod Arndt, Scott Vyskocil, Doug Babcock, Tyler HuntNot Pictured: Becky Bruckner, Rob Simon, Laura Arp, Abby Dobson, Sally DeLair,E,V,N,I,O,M,E,T,A,L,I,M,A,T,P,C,N,R,I,N,M,E,O,V,E,L,I,T,A,M,P,C,A,T,N,C,M,U,M,O,N,I,M,Y,T,I,A,C,Year at a Glance,2018,INDIVIDUALS SERVED,3,440,DIVERTED FROM THE LANDFILL,MILLION POUNDS,2.4,158,055,REVENUE,EXPENSES,POUNDS OF ELECTRONICS,10,274,31,863,1,277,441,126,040,87,771,241,790,551,515,POUNDS OF TOYS & STUFFED ANIMALS,POUNDS OF ACCESSORIES,POUNDS OF TEXTILES,POUNDS OF CARDBOARD,POUNDS OF SHOES,POUNDS OF METAL,POUNDS OF BOOKS,NEIGHBORHOOD CHALLENGE,HALLOWEEN WITH GATEWAY,JOB CONNECTION,2018 Annual Report,board of directors,P,T,A,HOURS OF VOLUNTEER SERVICE,120,534,197,762,C,M,P,A,RETAIL STORE CUSTOMERS,YWCA JOB OUTFITTERS,COMMUNITY SERVICE RECIPIENTS,RETAIL ORGANIZATIONAL EMPLOYMENT,GOODWILL ACADEMY,COMMUNITY SUPPPORT,JOB CONNECTION,2018,Year at a Glance,2018,This Halloween Goodwill partnered with Gateway Mall. We offered three DIY Make and Take featuring crafts from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, which premiered in November. Almost all of the materials for these workshops were collected from Goodwill donations! There were 55 attendees in total who all had rave reviews! Goodwill was also able to be a part of Gateway’s annual by collecting donated reusable totes for the 2,400+ guests. Each tote had a attached which provided information about Goodwill’s mission and sustainability.Overall, it was a successful partnership that Goodwill looks forward to continuing year after year! ,“This has been so great. Will you be doing more of these workshops?”- Mom of three attendees ,“Thank you. What a creative engagement and activity. We really enjoyed ourselves.” - Parent of attendees,hang tag,Workshops,trick or treat event,Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska, Inc. kicked off the start of summer once again with the sixth annual Neighborhood Challenge, which began April 22nd and ended July 15th. The four month long event is a friendly competition between the neighborhoods of Lincoln, NE and promotes community involvement through neighborhood cleanups and garage sales. The top three neighborhoods in each round that collect the most items to be donated to Goodwill receive cash prizes to invest back into the community projects of their choosing. 12 neighborhoods participated this summer, and collectively donated over 25,000 pounds of miscellaneous clothing, furniture, and household items to Goodwill. This total weight exceeded last year’s weight by almost 6,000 pounds! First place was awarded to the College View Neighborhood Association, the Highlands Neighborhood Association, and Witherbee Neighborhood Association followed as 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Since the launch of the Neighborhood Challenge, Goodwill Industries has collected a total of 103,678 pounds, what a positive impact the Lincoln community is making on our environment! ,Between May and August Goodwill sees an increase in donations received from the community. With nice weather, spring cleaning, garage sales, and college kids moving these months make for the perfect time to donate unwanted items. This summer was no exception, Goodwill was able to host 20 NEW donation drives. By expanding their collection outside city limits, Goodwill was able to provide a convenient way to donate for many small communities surrounding Lincoln. Those donations brought in a total of 47,657 pounds! As well as hosting more donation drives, Goodwill was able to increase home pickups during those summer months. This summer a total of 429 pickups were scheduled. Goodwill was also able to place all 10 unattended donation bins at apartment complexes, daycares, and their Judson and York locations. In just four short months, those bins collected 45,998 pounds. Whether sold or recycled every donation is important and helps Goodwill achieve their mission, “Willing workers employed, and community resources maximized.” ,Goodwill’s Job Connection, located inside their current retail location, provides an open computer lab and staff available to assist individuals with online job searches, creating resumes, cover letters, and job training skills and resources. This year they celebrated their 2 year anniversary and were able to serve 142 individuals through this program. Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska is excited to watch this program continue to grow and strengthen the Lincoln community. ,Year at a Glance,2018,Year at a Glance,Year at a Glance,2018,Where did 2018 go? The year seems to have flown by. As I reflect on 2018 and the achievements that were realized, I am proud of the hard work and commitment from our employees and continued support from the community. It has helped make another prosperous year at Goodwill. It was a busy year at Goodwill as we continued our recycling efforts through Neighborhood Challenge, donation drives, unattended donation bins, and our home pick up program. We had the opportunity to partner with the Gateway mall for Halloween, which was a positive event for community involvement. We were thrilled with the continued success of our Job Connection and are excited for its continual growth in serving the community with employment programs and services. We have accomplished many things this year, all with the objective of fulfilling our mission of "Willing workers employed, and community resources maximized.” I know the upcoming year will also be very busy and am grateful to be a part of this continuously growing agency. Thank you to each and every one of you that has supported our agency, the work of Goodwill is made possible because of you. Joanne Pickrel, CEO,Payroll & EmployeeBenefits, $3,143,776,Occupancy Expense, $979,580,Licenses, Fees & Certifications, $267,362,Advertising & Public Relations, $68,031,Supplies, Printing & Postage, $81,405,Assistance to Other Agencies, $68,119,Depreciation, $254,413,Other Expenses, $49,021,Salvage Sales, $329,299,Programatic Revenue, $10,448,Contributions & Other Income, $148,440,Retail Sales, $4,665,579