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A GAME :ESCAPE THE SWORD !Follow the steps and solve theriddles to get ready before working on the story... Good luck !!! your English teacher, Miss D. AraujoStep 1 : What is "Macbeth" ?Click to find out...Step 2 :learn about who wrote MACBETH?Click somewhere on the screen and follow the instructions....but don't click anywhere too fast, think before you click !,Too bad :(You have made a mistake!Try again !,Too bad :(You have made a mistake!Try again !,Who is this man? Click on the picture and find out!,step 3 :Where does the play Macbeth take place ?Find out where to click and solve the game !,STEP 4 :the GlobeShakespeare's theatre(source audio BRNE anglais cycle 4),1. After listening, can you dothis game ?,FIRST WATCH THE VIDEO,Well done !You may have saved the king !Now that you have the digit, go and show it to your teacher !,3. Click here when you have the date !,2,Listen !