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Thursday, September 27, 2018,The SHRM RGV Chapter invites you to the 2018 Annual Conference for human resource leaders and business professionals.,2018 ANNUAL CONFERENCE,Agenda,Professional Headshots,Exhibitors & Sponsors,Registration Fees,SHRM RGV,Chapter 390,Register,www.shrmrgv.shrm.org,Location,This program has been submitted to HRCI and SHRM for review. ,Break / Headshot Photography by appointment /Booth visitation,"Investigating Sexual Harassment Allegations…And getting it right " Charles A. Gonzalez & Kelly Preston,Afternoon Session,"Active Shooter Tactical First Aid" Ricardo Garica,Registration / Headshots Photography by appointment,,Opening Remarks,"Leave Related Missteps that can Lead to Liability " Lawrence Smith,"ASAP: Active Shooter Awareness Program" Ricardo Garcia,Opening Remarks,Sept,Afternoon Registration / Headshot Photography by appointment,Morning Session,Sponsor Presentation,Sponsor Presentation,Agenda,27th,"No Vacation from Retaliation: The Rhyme andReason Behind Effective Prevention Strategies. " Mark McNitzky,Lunch with Attoneys,"Leading from the Inside Out" Chis’mere Mallard,Break / Headshot Photography by appointment / Booth visitation,Closing Remarks/ Certificates/ Surveys/ Headshot Photography by appointment