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"Go! Global" is a programme of virtual school exchanges with the focus on sustainable actions. Schools from around the world have similar challenges for example food production or waste management. "Go! Global Garden" gives students the opportunity to get a broader picture and knowledge regarding school gardens, food production, cultures and traditions around the globe and "Go! Global Reclaim the Rubbish" enables students to understand the problems regarding waste in their own environment and how these problems are different in context and settings around the world. The students communicate with each other over several months through videos, photos, videoconferences and other media. "Go! Global" links the local acting with the global thinking. Students can relate personally with other students from all around the globe and understand that we are all linked.


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How to start participating in these communities? Here some ideas:

  1. Introduce yourself with a short video, a picture or just a couple of words about you, where do you come from, your interests and how do you want to contribute to this community.
  2. What kind of activity do you want to do for the exchange? Mystery video quiz, photo collage, video conference, interactive presentation, etc?
  3. What topic or sustainable action do you want to work on or share within this community? e.g. School garden, recycling, energy, water, biodiversity...
  4. Use Hashtags in your posts (#Garden, #Recycling, #Energy) to keep the community well organized ;)
  5. Always be kind and ask any question you have, the Go! Global team will try to answer those as soon as possible!
  6. If you have already made a virtual exchange, share the outcomes (videos, pictures, links, etc.) in the community to empower more member to do the same!

More information: https://hundred.org/en/innovations/go-global-esd-expert-net

It isn't enough to just talk to learners about sustainability, so let's guide them to discover themselves how to act more sustainably alongside...

Frequently Asked Questions

This is our Go! Global Do It Yourself Manual. It is an #OrganicLearning Ressource which means basically that is an interactive mind map to be explored organically by yourself in order to learn how to create you own virtual exchanges in a Go! Global style. Enjoy it!
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