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The OHM'S house,OLD CAR,Only the knowledge of electricity would save your life,September 2018. Lonely Village,ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS,MAGNETIC FIELDS. Search for new items,You are inside the electrostatic house. Search for new items,4. Forces in nature. ELECTRICAL FORCES,5.2 Circuits,4.6 ELECTROSTATIC,5.3 instalations,Be water my friend,5. Energy and electricty,4.7 MAGNETISM,THANKS!,"Something very strange happened in the Summer of 2018, the greenhouse effect and lack of water made us to consume more energy than ever. Suddenly, it began to rain, it was a miracle! But the rain never stopped, and it was acid rain",Everything around you seems to be dead. Try to go to a city, You need water and food! And to achieve some knowledge,This is you, you need urgently a shower! You have 0 EXP points and 10 HEALTH points. To see your points: https://bit.ly/2ENm3I3,2º ESO-ELECTRICITY,Setting: "The road" by Cormac McCarthyMusic and images: "The road (2009)" directed by John Hillcoat. Pictures from pixabayIf you want to continue, please click the image on the right.,SCEXP Santa Joaquina de Vedruna (Murcia),You begin to feel strange forces here...,ROAD TO HOME,4.5 Forces and charges,LEARNING LANDSCAPE,ELECTRIC-CITY,ROAD TO NOWHERE,5.1 OHM's law,4.8 ELECTROMAGNETISM,CONGRATULATIONS!!!!you got it!,Choose where you want to go. Remember, you are alone and need to obtain some electricity to survive.,1. Surviving