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A training presentation for Blooms Taxonomy. Ideal for teacher training and development.


Bloom's Taxonomy







Recognizing or remembering facts, terms, basic concepts, or answers without necessarily understanding what they mean.

Demonstrating understanding of facts by answering questions, organizing, comparing, translating and stating the main ideas.

Using prior knowledge to solve problems, identify connections and relationships and apply knowledge in new situations.

Examining and breaking information into component parts, identifying motives or causes, making inferences, and finding evidence to support information.

Critiquing information and using it as the basis for opinion or standpoint, defending and supporting information.

Making something original based on learning.


Reflect on your teaching

Think about the last 3 technology enhanced tasks you designed for your students.

Bloom's Taxonomy

Which level of the taxonomy does each task require from your students?How could you redesign or build on those tasks so that they require a higher order level of thinking?How could you build a sequence of tasks around a single piece of content to step students up through the levels of the taxonomy?How useful do you think the taxonomy is in measuring the impact of a task?How important is it for your students to achieve higher order levels of thinking?How can you ensure that each lesson you teach has at least one higher order task included?