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Our friends from our sister school came to Alcalá de Henares.,February,2017-2018: FANTASTIC E-YEAR,C.E.I.P. Antonio de Nebrija,Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)SPAIN,In September we celebrated the European Day of Languages,and the police explained us about bullying and safe internet.,In October we went to a jousting tournament. It was very exciting. Our favourite knight was the winner!,This is Halloween!,We made scary masks and decorated the school.,In December we read a book about the history and legends of Madrid.We met the writer and visited the historical centre of the city with her.,Christmas is coming!,We opened our crackers and had a party at school.,E-FUN: we played with our partners.,We decorated the big sardine.It was burnt in Carnival.,CARNIVAL,We had workshops and arts and crafts about circus.Some pupils did magic tricks.,We dressed up as magicians, acrobats and strongmen. It was very funny!,March,We visited the University to show our work: investigations, arts and crafts, drawings, films...,We are working on the project "Adopt Cardinal Cisneros' legacy".,APRIL,May,June,We visited the Spanish American Museum of Art. We had a workshop about colours.,FAMILY DAY:We took photos and edited them.They were presents for our families.,Our school participated in the RACE AGAINST HUNGER.Our donations will help poor people in Africa.,MY FAVOURITE SCIENTIST: Our work about Ingrid Daubechies is going to be published in a collaborative book.,30th January: PEACE DAYWe wore white t-shirts and learnt about Martin Luther King.,In January we went to the Science and Technology Museum...,and three scientists visited our school.We made experiments with light.,E-FUN: we read about towns and solved the quiz.,TRAFFIC EDUCATION: We had a lesson about road safety.,AUTISM DAY: We learnt facts about autism and drew hearts with the colours of autism.Pupils and teachers formed a big heart in the playground. Then we sang a song and danced all together.,We are writing tales and stories using STORYBIRD.We love it!,E-FUN: games and poems about animals,E-FUN: In November we played games about food.,Grades 5 A and 5 B,E-FUN: we described ourselves with avatars.,We are going to go on a trip to Chapinería.We are going to learn about the Mediterranean ecosytem (oaks, royal owls, imperial eagles, black vultures...) at the C.E.A 'El águila".,E-FUN: games exchange.We made films about our favourite games.,E-FUN: We drew and described jobs.We played collaborative games.,Dear e-friends:we hope to meet again in another project!