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THE DATA CENTER: A PROPOSAL,(Webb, PPT 2018),WORKS CITED,SUNYLA 2018,WE NEED...,Creating a Culture of Data Literacy in a Liberal Arts Environment,Does Data Need a Center?,Head of Research Services,Courtney Seymour,http://libguides.union.edu/statistics/datasets,DATA SERVICES1.0,Help you identify numeric and spatial data products either in the Libraries' collection or elsewhere,1,WHAT WE DO,Acquire, download or otherwise provide access to data,2,3,Provide assistance and instruction in data wrangling and exploratory data analysis,BUILDING A PROGRAM,Speedbumps and successes on the road to outreach,ROADMAP TO DATA SERVICES AT UNION,Partnering, workshopping, imagining,Advocating for data-specific learning outcomes,Tapping into curricular/programmatic initatives,A CULTURE OF DATA SERVICES: THE FUTURE IS SOON,DATA LITERACY AND THE COMMON CURRICULUM,DID SOMEONE SAY "DATA CENTER"?,INTERDISCIPLINARY COLLABORATION,THE DATA ANALYTICS MINOR,QUESTIONS?,DATA-DRIVEN RESEARCH,THE CENTER FOR DATA ANALYTICS AT UNION COLLEGE,(Webb 2018),(Academic Catalog 2018),WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA?,"a specific skill set and knowledge base, which empowers individuals to transform data into information and into actionable knowledge by enabling them to access, interpret, critically assess, manage, and ethically use data." (Koltay 2017),DATA LITERACY:,SPEEDBUMPS AND SUCCESSES ON THE ROAD TO OUTREACH,BUILDING A PROGRAM,TAPPING INTO CURRICULAR/PROGRAMMATIC INITIATIVES,DID SOMEONE SAY "DATA CENTER"?,ADVOCATING FOR DATA-SPECIFIC LEARNING OUTCOMES,DATA LITERACY AND THE COMMON CURRICULUM,PARTNERING, WORKSHOPPING, IMAGINING,A CULTURE OF DATA SERVICES: THE FUTURE IS SOON,LEARNING OUTCOMES,"Determining when data is needed, deciding on its pertinence to someone’s information needs, critical assessment, and application to problem solving...are basically identical to the best-known skills of information literacy, set forth by the definition of information literacy by the American Library Association" (Koltay 2017),OUR OUTCOMES, YOUROUTCOMES,"[I]t’s worth noting that our interpretation of the ACRL Information Literacy Framework is broadening our definition of information literacy to include a multitude of literacies that are being integrated into the current curriculum...We are always mindful of the lifelong learning skills our students require “to be engaged, innovative and ethical contributors to an increasingly diverse, global and technologically complex society.” (Union College’s 2013 Strategic Priorities) Our learning outcomes are designed and will continue to be refined to integrate such needs of Union’s common curriculum."(Bush 2018),DATA SCIENCE HELP DESK,"Assistance in obtaining, wrangling, modeling, analyzing and visualizing data"; peer-to-peer learning model, office hours,THE CENTER FOR DATA ANALYTICS AT UNION COLLEGE,Machine learning, data visualization, data analysis; documentation and a repository of web-based services,Web site featuring news and events, showcasing projects, promoting data analytics to current and prospective students,Courses that teach fundamental analysis techniques, or use data in the curriculum,Web scraping, data manipulation, visualization tools, GIS and introduction to data sources and machine learning,VIRTUAL PRESENCE,SUPPORT FOR DATA ANALYTICS MINOR,WORKSHOPS AND TUTORIALS,SOFTWARE LIBRARIES,"We propose that the center be housed in the John Kelly Computing and Innovation Lab. The lab is already ideally equipped to house such a center, having sufficient computing infrastructure, and support for visualization." (Webb, PDF 2018),RESEARCH SERVICES THE DATA CENTER,Between students and faculty from a range of disciplines; for lessons or projects that benefit from collaborative thinking and planning alongside coding and analysis; providing high visibility to the integration of arts and sciences; breaking down silos,THE DATA CENTER: A PROPOSAL,White boards, large outward-facing displays for visualization, real-time trend data from the stock market, historical texts, ongoing debates, Twitter feeds, and biological data,"The data...needs to be processed and presented, along with sufficient tools, to allow students to pursue their own investigations over data...Such requirements demand close collaboration between those skilled in analytic techniques and those who seek information from data." (Webb 2017),Between faculty, between faculty and students, and between faculty and corporate entities, particularly local companies that require data analytics,CRITICAL THINKING AND VISUAL/DATA LITERACY,RESEARCH ACTIVITY,DESIGN SPACE,THE DATA CENTER: A PROPOSAL,GROWING THE CULTURE,,Courtney SeymourHead of Research Services /Collaboration, Outreach & Initiatives Librarianseymourc@union.eduDavid FullerData Services Librarianfullerd@union.edu,AstronomyBiologyChemistryClassicsComputer ScienceEconomicsEnglishHistoryMechanical EngineeringNeurosciencePolitical Science,UNDERGRADS STRUGGLE WITH...,DATA SERVICES,DATA-DRIVEN RESEARCH,"Data Services offers access to specialty software packages; statistical, geospatial, and qualitative data analysis training and support; and consulting expertise in the use of numeric, qualitative, and spatial data for research." (EGallivan 2015),"Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is software capable of storing, manipulating, and visualizing geospatial data." (Marshall 2012),GIS,Asking the appropriate research questionsChoosing appropriate softwareManaging outputDiscovering if the data are availableGetting started on the path to data literacy, especially in the years before they begin thesis research,(Fuller, "Research Services" 2018),1.0,DID SOMEONE SAY "COFFEE"?,],2.0,THE CENTER FOR DATA ANALYTICS AT UNION COLLEGE,2.0,2.0,THE CENTER FOR DATA ANALYTICS AT UNION COLLEGE,(,2.0,THE CENTER FOR DATA ANALYTICS AT UNION COLLEGE,(Webb, PPT 2018),(Webb, PPT 2018),(Webb, PPT 2018),1.0,THE CENTER FOR DATA ANALYTICS... @SCHAFFER?,THE DATA CENTER IS...,discipline agnosticgroup study-centriccurriculum and data literacy infused,(Fuller 2017),(Fuller, MS Word 2017),Bush, Lindsay. "Comments on the GenEd Revision." 2017. Google Docs file._____________. "Scaffolded Outcomes." 2017. Google Docs file.CBC Radio. "'Thought Leader' Gives Talk That Will Inspire Your Thoughts." 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Academic Catalog 2017-2018,2017, https://catalog.union.edu/index.php?catoid=15. Accessed 10 Jun. 2018.Webb, Nick. "Center for Data Analytics." 2018. PowerPoint presentation.__________. "Center for Data Analytics," 2017. PDF file.__________. "Minor in Data Analytics," 12 Jun. 2018. PDF file.__________. Photograph 1 of John Kelly Computing and Innovation Lab. 1 Jun. 2018.__________. Photograph 2 of John Kelly Computing and Innovation Lab. 1 Jun. 2018.__________. Photograph 3 of John Kelly Computing and Innovation Lab. 1 Jun. 2018.__________. "A Proposal for Center for Data Analytics at Union College." 2018. PDF file.,GROWING THE CULTURE,SPACES & TOOLS,COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT,DATA LITERACY & PROGRAMMING,CURRICULAR SUPPORT,SUSTAINED COLLABORATION,ADMINISTRATIVE BUY-IN & FUNDING,BIG IDEAS,PEER-TO-PEER LEARNING,"At NorthCarolina State University (NCSU), the proposal to build a whole new library was an idealopportunity to think through creative space innovations. But even before there were plans fora new building, there was already a long and sustained record of outreach programs andpartnership cultivation with the university community over the course of many years.,GROWING THE CULTURE,"The successes at NCSU demonstratethat starting gradually can be a very effective strategy for establishing programs that endure.Furthermore, just having a space, or spaces, dedicated to DS is insufficient:,GROWING THE CULTURE,"Existing relationships provided support for the ambitious facility as it was being planned,and as the space and tools became available, they were integrated into the university’sresearch program, curriculum and campus activities.,GROWING THE CULTURE,"carefullyconsidered integration of programs that respond to campus needs and institutional goals is anecessary component of a successful operation, along with the cultivation of community, establishing meaningful collaborations, and the availability of adequate and sustainablefunding."(Goldenberg-Hart 2016),(Fuller, MS Word 2017),INTERDISCIPLINARY COLLABORATION,,collaborativelybuilding teamsexchanging ideasco-authoringacross disciplinesdesign spaceencourage communicationrelationshipsa culture to developall stages of the research processreasoningconstructing persuasive arguments,DOES DATA NEED A CENTER?,(Webb, "Minor in Data Analytics"2018),"Nofield is untouched by the ability to understand data in new and interestingways. Data Analytics, the 'sexiest job of the 21st Century' (Forbes Magazine, 2015), is obviously the hot new thing but it is more than just the latestbuzzword. Big data has the potential to revolutionize how we work and howwe think.",Bush 2017