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Created on Fri May 25 2018 11:59:10 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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Retrieve only the results in this format.,E-article,Use the filters,Third step,E-article,Third step,Select the journal's title and retrieve its content.,Use the filters,Journal,Journal,Find an articleor journalin the catalogue,Electronic Documents Supply,Fifth step,Contact The Library Replies if you have any questions.,If you still cannot find the article you are looking for after doing all this, you can use the Electronic Documents Supply Service.,Log in,Write your surname and UOC card number (on the reverse side of the card).,Access the pay content without logging in again.,First step,Make your search,Write the title of the journal/article or the author in the search box.,Second step,,Search in this list if you know the e-book's title. You will find it in:,E-book,A-Z List,The Resources sectionin the Library's website.,The direct link at the top of the search engine.,