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Children´s Emotional Diary

Erasmus+ Project „Innovation starts with action! STEAM! 2016-1-TR01-034227_7


"Every interaction is an opportunity to learn..."

Talking about the project

Students present the impressions of LTT meetings and project activities in brief interviews.



„I learned so many things and... I woul do it again!”

„For me STEAM means getting friends from different countries”

Interviewing colleagues from other countries

„If you want to learn a new leanguage and you have a friend from that country, will be easier because that friend will help you...”

„-How many friends you have made?- A lot...”

„You can learn from others...”

„Discover another contrries...”

Spain is very beautiful and interestig...

Impressions of Spain

„I think is a really traditional country and have a lot of interesting architecture”

„The spanish people are very different for the rest because we are full of life and noisy...”

About activities...

„I liked the activity about flavours because it was relly funny to see your faces when your tried lemon or salt...”

„I liked when we went to the Aquarium...”

„I liked my birthday party spent with you...”

„A project that changed my life...”

What's STEAM for you?

„For me STEAM is friendship...”

„It's like discovering new things...”