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DESIGNTHINKING,1. EMPHATHISE,Ideate,Prototype,Enpathise,3. IDEATE,Define,In this third stage, using creative and curious activities such as Brainstorming or Worst Possible Idea, we have to generate as many ideas as possible trying to find an innovative solution for our problem.,INFOGRAPHY,DESIGN THINKING PROCESS,This is the first stage of the process. We need a deep understanding of the people we are designing for: We can use a graphic organizer for that purpose.,Test,4. PROTOTYPE,In this fourth stage, we have to produce a cheap version of the product to check if it can be good to answer to our problem.,2. DEFINE,In the second stage we have to define the problem and interpret the results.,5. TEST,In the fifth stage, we have to test our solution in order to find difficulties and solve them.