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VOCATIONAL CAREER BROCHURE,Young Enterprising Students,HAVE YOU EVER THINK ABOUT IT?,LOVE,• What do you really LOVE doing? • What puts you IN FLOW?• What do you LOVE doing in your spare time? ,GOOD AT,• What are you GOOD at? • What do you FEEL you do better than others?• What do you do EASILY? ,NEEDS,• What does the wold NEED? • Which are the fields in which the world must IMPROVE?• How can you offer the world this it NEEDS? ,MONEY,• What can you be PAID FOR? • What money amount should allow you LIVING as you want?• What jobs should help you GETTING that? ,PUT IT ALL TOGETHER,And find your,IKIGAI,ENTREPRENEURSHIP,A way of being: Japanese concept of IKIGAI,IKIGAI,The reason to liveThe reason to wake up every morningWhat do you want to do in your life?