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Hi students from La Presentación!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You look much bigger than years ago when I met you! I know you are having an excellent behaviour at school. Great!As you know, my name is Goku. I am the strongest person around the Universe but not the most intelligent...and that is why I am looking for you guys to solve some doubts that I have.I am gonna have a new baby, Gohan, and I am a bit worried because my wife Chichi told me that I will have to teach many things but I don´t know how to do it so... I think you could help. If you do it at all, I will provide you seven Dragon Balls that you might use to wish something brilliant.Deal?

MYSTICAL ADVENTURE- DRAGON BALL Find the Dragon Balls! Look out for them all!You can search around the world with me.Gotta heed the call of magic Dragon Balls!What a great adventure this will be.You can climb on board, ’cause the Nimbus doesn’t wait!A fantastic journey for your dreams -- a thrilling mystery!Through the fires of time, they’ve waited patiently.When all seven balls you find, the Dragon is set free.Rising, rising, mesmerizing, unbridled ecstasy.Radiant and shining, hidden somewhere in the field,Luminous and blinding, with your desire revealed.Ageless, timeless, what you’ll find is beyond belief!Let’s try, try, try, look high and low!Search the sky and the sea below!Let’s try, try, try, seize the day,And make new friends along the way!Find the Dragon Balls! Look out for them all!Come and hunt those Dragon Balls with me.Gotta heed the call of magic Dragon Balls!What a great adventure this will be.Set a course for action, adventure doesn’t wait!A fantastic journey for your dreams -- a thrilling mystery!

FIRST MISSIONGoku has to know what bones and muscles he has to use and what of them he has to protect but...He doesn´t know the name of bones and muscles. Let´s help him!1st. Make a mind map about the main systems there are in the human body and write their main organs.2nd. Draw a skeleton and write its main bones.3rd. Draw a muscle body and write its main muscles.

THIRD MISSIONSometimes our friend Goku has to fight to protect the world against enemies and terrible creatures. He normally uses his force without knowing why he does it...1st.Make a mind map about what types of stimuli and types of response there are into the interaction function.2nd.Explain the stimulies and responses you wrote on the mind map.3rd. Write if each action is a motor response or a glandular response:- Sweating after playing football.- Turning on a light when you enter a dark room.- We start to cross a street when the light turns green.

SIXTH MISSION(YOU WILL NEED A THERMOMETER TO COMPLETE THIS MISSION)After every single battle, Goku gets too tired and he feels how his heart works too fast...We should help him to understand why it happens.1st.Do the following experiment:ACTIVITY TIMELINETEMPERATUREPULSE (beats per minute)Breaths per minuteSit still. Measure your temperature and your pulse. Your pulse indicates the speed at which blood is being pumped around your body by your heart. Press two fingers on the side of your neck and you should be able to feel a beat. Count the number of beats you feel in one minute.Now measure how many breaths, in and out, you take in one minute.Now jump and down for three minutes. After each minute, make a note of your temperature, your pulse and the number of breaths.2nd.Explain what a cell is and what its functions are.

FOURTH MISSIONThere is something that Goku doesn´t understand when he visits Krilin... "Does Krilin have the same brain than me? He hasn´t got hair..."1st.Could you write "Cerebrum", "Brain Stem" and "Cerebellum" in its correct place?2nd.Can you explain (in Spanish) how the nervous system works?3rd. Imagine that you touch a hot cup. What happens? Draw in your notebook the path of the stimulus-sensation, the processing of the information and the response.4th. Match the words to complete the sentences in your notebook.The central nervous system * * are controlled by the brain.The brain * * receives and interprets information.Voluntary movements. * * are controlled by the spinal cord.Involuntary movements * * has three parts.

FIFHT MISSIONSomething that Goku and all SuperSaiyans have got is an excellent sensory system. They just need to know the name of the main parts of their senses receptors...1st.Make a mind map about senses. Don´t forget writing their receptors name.2nd.Draw a tongue and write where it gets different tastes from.3rd. Draw the ear canal and write its main parts.4th. Draw an eye and write its main parts.5th. In groups, imagine you and your partners are a famous basketball team. Find out what you can do to protect your senses.

SEVENTH MISSIONOur good friend Goku and his wife Chichí, are thinking about his first son. His name is going to be Gohan as Goku´s grandpa. They are a bit nervous because they are not sure how to take care of him. As you know, Goku´s life uses to be quite dangerous...1st. What is the male sex cell? and the female sex cell? Draw them and write their main parts.2nd. Explain the human fertilisation (in spanish). You can translate next steps.* Every 28 days an egg is releases from one of the ovaries and is pushed along a fallopian tube towards the uterus.* Sperm enter the female reproductive system through the vagina.* A sperm reaches the egg, gets inside it and fertilises it. At this time a zygote is formed.* The zygote starts to divide and forms an embryo.* The embryo implants itself in the uterus.3rd. Explain the pregnancy stage (Explain how it works during 9 months).4th. Ask your parents some more questions, this time about your birth. Note down the answers.* Do they have a photo of when you were a new born?* How many weeks did your mother´s pregnancy last? were you a premature baby? Did you need any medical help when you were born?* How long did the birth last? Was it a natural birth?


SECOND MISSIONYou already know about systems and their main organs. It means you could help Goku to know where he can find them...1st.Draw the digestive system. Write all its parts.2nd.Draw the respiratory system.Write all its parts.3rd. Draw the circulatory system.Write all its parts.4th. Draw the excretory system.Write all its parts.5th. Explain how previous systems work.


CHALLENGESHere you can find different challenges from other school subjects. They could help you to improve your final mark during the current term. SuperSaiyan challege (English Subject):* Sing "Dragon Ball theme song" in English (you can find the song and the lyrics on the main board).* Make a writing about Dragon Ball using Present simple, Present continuous, Past Simple, Past continuous and Future.Vegetta´s challenge (Social Science Subject):* Draw the Europe map and write the name of its countries and their capital cities.* Draw the America map (north and south) and write the name of its countries and their capital cities.

List of wishes1. Get a distinction mark (Natural Science)2. Teacher Julio will pay an afternoon snack where you wish.3. An extra point (English).4. An extra point (Social Science).5. Playing PS4 during a week at school (Playground time).6. Playing PS4 during a week at school (Playground time).7. Teacher Julio will buy you a Rubik cube (one per student).8. Wearing whatever you want during one week at school.9. You can go 10 minutes earlier to the playground (Twice).10. Watching a Dragon Ball movie at school.