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Homes and Houses

speaking practice for Intermediate 2 EOI

Where do you live?

What is it like?
What advantages and disadvantages does it have?

A lot of facilities

Exciting nightlife
Work opportunities

A big city

Heavy traffic


A big city

A lot of peace

Fresh air
Quiet life

The countryside

A bit secuded

The necessity to drive to get things
No nearby facilities

The countryside

What types of facilities do you have where you live?

What type of home do you live in?

What's your favourite room in your house?

How many rooms does your home have?

Have you had anything done to your home recently?

How many times have you moved home?

Have you ever shared flat?

What would you like to do to improve your home?

What room in your house do you like most?


What housework do you have to do?

Do you share it?

Have you ever had arguments about this?

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My list

  • Do the shopping (Bruce)
  • Make dinner (Bruce)
  • Walk the dog (Bruce)
  • Do the washing (Bruce)
  • Bruce is upset!

My list


Speaking activity for Intermediate 2 students of EOI.

Serena, teacher at EOI