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Improvement of energy efficiency

bY: Laura Padilla and Patricia Sánchez

Energy efficiency ensures energy supply, protects the environment and promotes sustainability.

Improving energy efficiency has innumerable benefits, the greatest of which is that there is an immediate economic saving. The reduction of pollution due to lower consumption and greater environmental respect are other advantages of increasing energy efficiency.

What is energy efficiency?

How to save energy in cities?

-Provide incentives for the development of energy efficiency projects in low-income households
-Install efficient public lighting
-Promote energy efficiency measures for public buildings, hotels and other companies
-Get efficient appliances
-Reduce energy losses or gains.

How to save energy in school?

-Use compact fluorescent (CFL) and LED lamps
-Turn off the lights when you do not need
-If the school equipment has power management features, have the controls defined so that they enter the "sleep" mode when they are not in active use
-Students must turn off monitors that will not be used for the next class period.